Soft Toy Highland Cow - Stuffed Animal cattle

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Discover the high-quality cuddly toy Highland cattle of the Carl Dick Collection: These beautiful cattle delight young and old with their great, shaggy fur and their majestic horns! And who has such a magnificent coat, as plush cattle in the range is, of course, a must.
The graceful Scottish Highland Cattle is one of the oldest cattle breeds on earth and originates from the northwest of Scotland and the Hebrides, where they have been bred for over 200 years. With their thick, long coats, these robust and hardy domestic cattle have adapted perfectly to the adverse weather conditions there. Thanks to their shaggy coat, wind, rain and even snow cannot harm the cattle breed, which is considered to be good-natured and calm. And so the living models of the plush toy highland cattle can also be kept outdoors all year round. In addition, the durable and sociable cattle are known for their frugality and so they are happy to content themselves exclusively with grass and hay. Of course, Carl Dick's fluffy stuffed toy Highland cattle that you find at don't need to be fed. It's enough for them if you cuddle them, play with them and admire them as a pretty decoration.