Forest and Meadow - Plush Toys and Animals

Join us on a trip to the beautiful variety of our plush world. Strolling through the forest, you will be able to see shy Deers, proud Stags, lovely Squirrels climbing trees and Beavers nibbling wood.

Boars gather in glades peacefully. Beetles, Mice, Ferrets and Rats scrimmage on the forest‘s ground, where it‘s fresh and cool - whilst being observed by Spiders, whose plush counterpart is a pretty pleasant contemporary, by the way. Get out of the Woods - make your way into the mountains! Goat and Capricorns stand majestically at the foot of the peaks and watch countless Bats come to life at dusk. It‘s time to descent now.

As soon as you are able to see Badgers and Foxes, it‘s likely you have returned to the residential area. The hills of our endearing Moles also hint to that. We have now arrived at the evening fairy tale called „The Rabbit and the Hedgehog“, though we add a little plot twist to our Story - as there are no losers. Together, the rabbit and the hedgehog win the competition for the cutest cuddly toy.

73 to 82 (from a total of 82)