Deer, Moos made of plush - Stuffed Animal

Browse the high-quality plush toy deer of the Carl Dick Collection: Did you know that to the antlered family called not only the red deer and fallow deer widespread in our country, but also reindeer and elk, as well as many other species belong worldwide! Of course, deer are admired above all for their imposing antlers, which, with the exception of reindeer, are formed only by the males. This is mainly used to impersonate and fight for females. With our cuddly toy deer, things are more peaceful. Some may have heard the roaring of the deer in the forest. By the way, a common misconception is that male fawns grow into deer. In fact, roe deer and deer are two different species. Male deer develop small antlers, also called horns. Here you will come across the matching stuffed animal deer as a lifelike decoration and fluffy playmate.

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