Elks as stuffed animal - Soft Toy

Come across the high-quality cuddly toy moose of the Carl Dick Collection: Did you know that the moose is the largest deer species in the world? With him, one must probably also immediately think of Sweden, where in fact very many moose live, which like it cool and are therefore found exclusively in northern parts of the earth. Our plush animal moose, on the other hand, also make themselves comfortable in the warm, gladly also at your home as a pretty decoration. Their antlers can grow up to two meters wide. The largest moose grow over two meters high and weigh up to 800kg! Fortunately, stuffed animal moose do not weigh quite as much, but they will delight you as playmates and lifelike gift ideas.
Moose, Elk | soft toy | stuffed animal | plush toy
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Moose, Elk, 24cm.
Plush Toy | Soft Toy | Stuffed Animal
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