Stuffed Animal Mantis - Cuddly Toy Grasshopper

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Discover the high-quality cuddly toy mantis of the Carl Dick Collection: Such a great insect you do not find every day as a stuffed animal. But on you will find it, if you like to cuddle with insects. And so that works, the plush version is of course also larger than the living role model from nature, which usually measures only 4-8 cm.
They have existed on earth for over 300 million years and are thus among the oldest living creatures of all and lived even before the dinosaurs. Worldwide there are about 2,400 different species, which prefer to live in warm and sunny regions, where they are usually found well camouflaged in bushes, shrubs and deep grass.
The name praying mantis is derived from their posture. Because when it is motionless in a lurking position, it holds its front fang legs as if it were praying. With these legs it can grab at lightning speed and in this way it catches and eats mainly other insects.
At you will find the most famous and protected European praying mantis as an extraordinary plush toy praying mantis. With its striking compound eyes, triangular head and fang legs, it almost looks like an alien and is the eye-catcher as a fascinating plush mantis.
The predatory insect is probably best known for the fact that during mating it often happens that the female eats the male afterwards. Fortunately for the males, this is not always the case and the plush animals are spared anyway.
With these unusual and high quality processed stuffed animal mantis you will definitely find the new favorite cuddly toy and the perfect gift idea for young and old.