FAQ for Soft Toys and Stuffed Animals

Question: Where are the soft toys manufactured?

Answer: The soft toys of are made in Far East. However there are big varieties in quality.

Question: How is the quality of the soft toys?

Answer: The goods on www.plueschtier.de have the so-called "Korea quality". Among experts we talk about high-class products.

Question: Which materials are used?

Answer: Always the latest materials are used. That means the soft- and stuffed toys are absolutely anti allergic and non-toxic. Furthermore the materials are flame-resistant and washable by hand. Please pay attention to the Care Tips (click here) for more information.

Question: How can we understand the sizes?

Answer: The sizes are mostly from head to rump. Some bears are in the whole length.

Question: The soft toys are suitable from which age?

Answer: WARNING: Usually soft toys are suitable for children from 3 years. The CE norm presupposes that the materials are like described. Furthermore the eyes are secured with a special safety catch. Generally you should not give soft toys to children younger than 3. Do not leave younger children alone with the soft toy. For babies only expressly described "baby goods" are suitable.

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us by email service@plueschtier.de.