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Discover the high-quality and cute cuddly toy penguins of the Carl Dick Collection: they are one of the highlights in the assortment of Whether they are to be found as a king penguin, as an emperor penguin or as a baby penguin made of fabric in the children's room - or even if you see them alive in the zoo: Penguins are a feast for the eyes and very cute and likeable animals. Especially popular is our plush toy penguin with baby. Lovingly, the penguin mom or even dad takes care of the offspring. Penguins are on in the bird and also in the water world. Flying you have never seen these ratites, but with their fascinating swimming skills in the water they are all the faster on the road. Hence the well-deserved place in both of our stuffed animal categories. The cute stuffed animal penguins are popular for playing and cuddling and also as a pretty decoration always a great gift idea.

Penguin cuddly toys: Things to know about the living role models

Penguin-Plush-Toy-Stuffed-AnimalIt is quite fascinating how many wonderful and different creatures nature has produced. And the penguin is certainly one of them. Technically speaking, it is a bird, but strictly speaking it is a walking bird. Even if the running doesn't always work out that way and it's more of a waddle, which can look quite funny. Without that we want to make fun here, because of course we love penguins. Alternatively, the clever animals just slide a few meters on their bellies - you just have to know how to help yourself.

And in the water they make up for the speed deficit from land, because there they are unbeatable. There, the nimble divers pick up speed and become quite fast. Their wings turn into fins, so to speak.

And anyway, penguins prefer to stay in the water. Especially since there are also tasty fish to catch there. To breed and to change their feathers, of course, they go back to land.

In some cases, this land is actually land and not ice, because the penguins that live exclusively in the southern hemisphere are also found on some islands and on the coasts of some southern countries such as Chile and Argentina or Australia and New Zealand. The different penguin species differ in size and habitat. Many people only think of penguins living in the ice of the Antarctic.

Accordingly, you have to be tough if you live in such icy climes. After all, anyone who goes swimming in the waters of Antarctica has to be suitably adapted to the icy conditions. With their extremely dense plumage and a corresponding layer of fat, they impressively withstand the deepest sub-zero temperatures. From time to time emperor penguins move together in groups, so that everyone can stand in the middle of the crowd and get less of the icy wind. In any case, it is nice to see how the social animals stick together. And the sight of such a penguin colony, which can include many thousands of animals, is imposing anyway.

The friendly waddling ratites are very popular as soft toy penguins.

What might be the reason for that? Well, their appearance is quite special and extremely cute. The rather small bird's head sits on a seemingly too large body and the proportions seem a bit strange. There is a theory that the name penguin is derived from the Latin "pinguis", which means "fat". Not very flattering, but perhaps quite fitting.
But we would consider this somewhat chubby rather cute and sweet - especially since it is not without reason, because the animals must be able to withstand the cold in the water and on land.

And also the well-known coloring of the emperor penguins contributes to their striking appearance. Because the "tuxedo look" with a touch of yellow suits them very well and the penguin babies with their gray "coat" are just as cute to look at and this is also appropriately lifelike, lovingly and detailed implemented in the fabric penguins.

Find the right stuffed animal penguin - the highlights from the Carl Dick collection

As with all stuffed animals on offer, there are of course different sizes to consider. The dimensions and materials used can be found on the respective product page.

All cuddly toys on offer at are from the Carl Dick Collection. The traditional brand has been successful on the market for over 30 years and is a specialist for cuddly toys with its headquarters in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany.

Especially popular is the cute baby penguin, which is very close to the original in figure and appearance. It's a bit chubby - but that's how it should be to withstand the icy Antarctic cold, and we think it's just especially cute.

The popular penguin-mother-child combination is also very cute. As in nature, the baby is close to the mother, because penguins do not build nests and so the mother herself is the shelter for the baby, which is well and lovingly protected by her.

Care tips for the plush penguin

To be on the safe side, we generally recommend hand washing with lukewarm soapy water, should the white penguin tuxedo ever get a stain. For more detailed advice, including the possible use of washing machines, please visit our care advice page.