Soft Toy Bernese Mountain Dog - Bernese Mountain Dog Stuffed Animal - Plush Toy

The extremely friendly dog breed of Bernese Mountain Dogs is very popular with its good-natured nature as a family dog and is also as a cuddly toy Bernese Mountain Dog. He was obviously preferred by the good Lord in the color scheme and accordingly this was also implemented in the plush toy Bernese Mountain Dogs: He wears a noble black "coat" and the pretty four-legged friend has much more to offer. There are probably only a few dogs in which the play of colors of black, white and brown looks so all-round successful as in the Bernese Mountain Dog, which you can find here as a cuddly playmate or pretty decoration for dog friends. On the chest he proudly wears a white bib. The paws are also white, at least when the weather is not too dingy. The cheeks, however, shine in clear brown and above the eyes this color is resumed in two typical brown dots. In nature and in the very popular stuffed animal Bernese mountain dog, which you can discover here in high-quality workmanship in many shapes and sizes- there is certainly also the right one for you.
Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy | soft toy | stuffed animal | plush toy
Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy, 18cm.
Plush Toy | Soft Toy | Stuffed Animal
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