Soft Toy Bobtail Dog - Stuffed Animal Bobtail - Plush Toy

Discover the high-quality cuddly toy bobtails of the Carl Dick Collection: The bobtail is an Old English sheepdog or shepherd dog. At first, this dog does make you wonder how he can see anything. The same is true for the stuffed animal Bobtail: Long hair everywhere, which is why their living colleagues always have to go to the barber, which is not the case with the fluffy companions in this category. The plush toy bobtails are lovingly made in the typical colors of gray and white. Under the paws, the fuzzy dogs wear pink. The stuffed dogs are perfect as fluffy playmates for cuddling and playing. But also as decoration they make a very good figure. The high-quality stuffed animal bobtails of the Carl Dick Collection can be found here in lying and sitting position as a great gift idea.
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