Soft Toy Chow-Chow Dog - Plush Toy Chow-Chow

Discover the high quality cuddly toy chows from the Carl Dick Collection: You can recognize a Chow-Chow from a distance. But then you do not know whether you see him from the front or from behind - everywhere only the many hairs. Some people confuse this dog breed with lions with a speech impediment: barking lion. By the way, the name is not an Italian farewell greeting (ciao-ciao) [tschau:tschau], but comes from China. In the case of the plush toy Chow-Chow, we have not exaggerated with the hair as much as nature has done with its living counterpart. For the lovingly designed Chow-Chow stuffed animal, of course, the face and the body, as well as the legs are quite clearly visible.
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