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Fluffy Cuddly Toy Dachshund: The classic for dog lovers – also comes with a lead to take your plush toy for a walk. A must-have for all who love house-trained adventures

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Discover the High-Quality Cuddly Toy Dachshunds of the Carl Dick Collection

Welcome to the world of the Carl Dick Collection, where cuddly toys are not just for cuddling but also for laughter and love. If you have a heart for dachshunds – and who could resist those adorable button eyes and clumsy paws? – then you will love the dachshund collection at The dachshund is not only a classic among dog breeds in Germany but also a star on our cuddly toy stage.

Here's a little excursion into the wonderful world of living dachshunds:
These charming four-legged friends, also known as dachshunds or teckels, were originally bred to flush out badgers from their burrows. So, you could say that dachshunds are the Sherlock Holmes of the dog world – little detectives with an infallible sense of smell. Their determined and brave character belies their size. Despite their short legs and long bodies, they possess a big heart and a good dose of self-confidence. They fearlessly face larger dogs, as if to say: “Hey, it’s not the size that counts, but the courage.”

But now back to our stuffed animal dachshunds from the Carl Dick Collection.
These cuddly toys are so fluffy that you might find yourself considering adopting a real dachshund. Lovingly designed from head to tail, they come in various shades of brown and black and in different fur variations: long-haired, wire-haired, and short-haired. And the best part? Sometimes the leash is already included for those who want to teach their plush friend to go for a walk. The dachshunds in this collection are not only cuddly playmates but also perfect decorative objects for any home that could use a bit of animal warmth and humor.
Imagine this: your new plush dachshund sitting on the sofa, watching you with a gaze so disarming that you truly understand why people talk about the “dachshund look.” This expression can melt even the hardest hearts and adds a cozy atmosphere to any room. Our stuffed animal dachshunds are the perfect blend of softness and attention to detail, making them almost lifelike. They are not just a great gift for children but also for adults who want to bring a bit of nostalgia and animal love into their home.

But wait, the fun doesn’t stop here.
Have you ever heard a dachshund joke? No? Then here’s one to get you started: Why do dachshunds have such short legs? So they don’t have to turn the pages when reading the newspaper. And another: What does a dachshund say when it sees a squirrel? “You can climb, but you can’t hide.” Our cuddly toy dachshunds may not be able to crack such jokes, but they definitely bring a smile to your face.

A bit of knowledge about living dachshunds
Living dachshunds are fascinating dogs originally bred in Germany. Their unique body shape – long back and short legs – makes them distinctive and charismatic companions. Dachshunds come in three different sizes: standard, miniature, and rabbit. Each size has its own characteristics and needs, but all share the same distinctive features, such as a sturdy build and unshakable courage.
These dogs are highly intelligent and trainable, making them excellent hunting companions and loyal family pets. However, their intelligence can also mean that they can be a bit stubborn at times – all dachshund owners know this too well. But who could be mad at a dachshund when it looks up at you with those big eyes and that trusting gaze?
Dachshunds are known for their longevity and can live 12 to 16 years with proper care. They love spending time with their people and are often particularly affectionate. Despite their small size, they need regular exercise and mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy. These dogs are true adventurers and love exploring their surroundings – whether in a large garden or during a walk in the park.

Another interesting aspect of dachshunds is their voice.
Despite their small size, they have a strong and deep voice, which they use often and gladly. Whether it’s to warn of an intruder or just to express their joy when their favourite person comes home – dachshunds are not exactly quiet companions.
Our stuffed animal dachshunds from the Carl Dick Collection are a tribute to these wonderful living models. They bring the same qualities – of course, without the barking – and are perfect companions for anyone who appreciates the company of a dachshund but cannot have a live dog.

So, what are you waiting for?
Browse through our dachshund collection at and find your new, plush friend. Whether long-haired, wire-haired, or short-haired, our collection has the right stuffed animal for every dachshund fan. And who knows, maybe these fluffy companions will inspire you to give a real dachshund a home. But be warned: these little dogs have a habit of sneaking into your heart and staying there forever – whether made of plush or flesh and blood.