Soft Toy Flying Fox - Stuffed Animal Flying Fox

With a flying fox cuddly toy you probably would not have expected in this category!? Strictly speaking, the flying fox has nothing at all to do with the dogs and certainly there are no relationships. But the head of the pretty bats resembles that of a dog and that is how the mammals, which are of course related to bats, got their name. There are several hundred species of fruit bats worldwide and they are native to tropical areas of Africa, Asia and Australia. And even though they are considered quite noisy and annoying among some Australians, the exotic flying animals are very popular with us as lovingly designed plush toy flying fox. The living role models make themselves useful by feeding on flower nectar and making a major contribution to the pollination and spread of jungle trees with the pollen that sticks to them - similar to the bees in our country. The stuffed toy flying fox with its impressive wingspan is rather rare among soft toys and inspires as an extraordinary fluffy gift.
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