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Discover the high-quality cuddly toy huskies of the Carl Dick Collection: Huskies are very fascinating dogs that captivate us with their mostly bright blue eyes and their wolf-like appearance. Accordingly, they are also very popular and in demand as plush huskies. There are several different types of huskies, most famous are Siberian Huskies, which of course come from Siberia and can withstand extremely cold temperatures. The friendly and sociable dogs are very related to humans and also as plush toy huskies you quickly take them to your heart as cuddly companions. Here you will discover high-quality huskies in many positions, colors and fur variations to cuddle and play with. As experienced sled dogs, the real dogs are correspondingly sporty and need a lot of exercise. Stuffed animal huskies, on the other hand, also like to make themselves comfortable at home, whether as playmates or simply as a pretty decoration, they are always a loving gift idea.

Husky Ivalu 53040 | soft toy | stuffed animal | plush toy
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Husky Ivalu, 27cm.
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Husky Ivalu 53533 | soft toy | stuffed animal | plush toy
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Husky Ivalu 20cm.
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Husky-Plush-Toy-Stuffed-AnimalDiscover the large selection of the fascinating sled dogs in the fluffy plush version in the store of You will find the cuddly huskies in many different sizes and positions, whether sitting lying or standing.

Known among the real huskies are especially the Siberian Husky and the Alaskan Malamute. They belong to the so-called original dog types and are still very close to the wolf. One finds the very robust and cold-resistant animals in the northern regions of the earth in Alaska, Greenland, Canada and Siberia.

At the beginning of the 20th century the Siberian Husky was introduced by fur traders also in Alaska, where also the first sled dog races took place, for which the fast and sporty dogs are very suitable. They are accustomed to a life in the pack by this. Huskies bark little, but they howl in the community and are in this respect in no way inferior to the wolf.

As draught and pack animals, these friendly and obedient dogs are very attached to humans, with whom they form a close bond and by whom they have been used for thousands of years.

As a pet, the husky is a demanding dog, because it requires good training due to its great desire for freedom. And since they are used to a lot of exercise, simply walking them is not enough, because Huskies like to run long and far and therefore need an active master who will provide them with the necessary training and a lot of exercise.

They inspire with their mostly blue, but also brown eyes and the pointed, upright ears. Their strong, beautiful fur is usually made of a combination of black and white with unique fur markings, which is also implemented accordingly affectionate and close to nature in the plush huskies.

Care advice for the plush toy husky

Such a pretty dog you want to keep clean, of course, and if you ever want to wash your stuffed animal husky, we generally recommend hand washing with lukewarm soapy water for this purpose. More detailed advice can be found on our page with care tips for stuffed animals of all kinds.