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Be guarded by our cuddly toy German Shepherds – fluffier than your neighbour's guard dog and guaranteed to be house-trained.

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The World of Plush German Shepherds

Imagine having all the intelligence, loyalty, and adventurous spirit of a real German Shepherd in your living room – without the need for rainy walks. Welcome to the Carl-Dick Collection on, where your dreams of plush companions come true. These cuddly toys are so authentic, you might almost expect them to change your TV channel on command or make you a coffee (no guarantees there, but one can dream).

Dive into a world where German Shepherds…
…are not only your most loyal companions but also the softest. Our plush German Shepherds are not only incredibly fluffy but also true masterpieces of cuddly art. Whether as a decorative highlight on the couch or a beloved playmate for your little ones, these stuffed animals will delight you and your family.

Did you know that the German Shepherd…
…has been known as one of the most loyal dog breeds since the 7th century? Yes, it’s true. These intelligent, confident dogs were originally bred as herding and guard dogs and are now the most widely used service dogs by police and military worldwide. These four-legged friends are not only loyal and affectionate but also tireless in their willingness to work. No wonder they are just as popular as plush toys – after all, we all love a reliable companion that is also fluffy.

In the Carl-Dick Collection, you’ll find German Shepherds…
…in their typical black and tan fur colouring, just like their living counterparts. And if you’re looking for something special, we also have white German Shepherds that will steal your heart with their elegant appearance. Each of our stuffed German Shepherds carries that loyal dog look that will make you melt – perfect for cuddling, loving, and playing.

But why should the fun stop here?
In our collection, you’ll also find Australian Shepherds, who captivate with their diverse fur colours and patterns. These plush friends are so detailed and lovingly designed that they almost seem alive – only they don’t bark or bite. The history of these herding dogs is just as fascinating: despite their name, they likely originated in the USA, where they were used for herding sheep imported from Australia.

With our plush German Shepherds, you can enjoy the beauty and grace…
…of these magnificent animals without worrying about dog poop or brushing. Every dog in our collection is a perfect combination of cuteness and detail – ideal for all ages and occasions. Whether as a birthday gift, Christmas surprise, or just to show someone how much they mean to you – a plush German Shepherd from is always the right choice.

Now that you know the fantastic world of our cuddly toy German Shepherds, let us tell you a bit about their living counterparts.

The German Shepherd – A Wonder of Nature
German Shepherds are not only intelligent and brave but also extremely versatile. They are the superheroes among dogs – whether as police dogs, rescue dogs, or loyal family companions, they excel in every task with flying colours. These dogs are known for their exceptional learning ability and unshakable work ethic. With their black muzzle, erect ears, and piercing gaze, they are not only unmistakable but also exceptionally charming.
A fully grown German Shepherd not only has an impressive physical presence but also a heart bigger than a football field. They are known for their loyalty and strong protective instinct, making them ideal guard dogs. But don’t worry, our plush German Shepherd won’t wake you up at night because it noticed a squirrel in the garden. He’s always ready for a cuddle session, no matter the time of day or night.

Australian Shepherds – The Colourful Bundles of Energy
The Australian Shepherd, also known as the Aussie, is another gem in our collection. These dogs are true bundles of energy and known for their lively eyes, which often shine in different colours. Their history is as colourful as their coat: although they suggest Australian roots, they are actually native to the USA. They were specifically bred for herding sheep and are distinguished by their enthusiasm for work and intelligence.
Our plush versions of these charming herding dogs are just as lively and lovingly designed as their real counterparts. Whether lying down, sitting, or with a little leash – every plush Australian Shepherd is a unique work of art waiting to be discovered by you.

The White Shepherd
The White Shepherd, also known as the White Swiss Shepherd, is an impressive dog breed known for its elegance, intelligence, and versatility. This breed originates from the classic German Shepherd but has a special genetic trait responsible for the white coat.
The history of the White Shepherd dates back to the 19th century when the first German Shepherd carrying the white gene pool was bred in Germany. In the early years of the breed, the white coat was accepted and even appreciated. However, in the 1930s, the white colour was excluded from the German breeding standards, making the white dogs rare in Europe. Fortunately, the breed found supporters in the USA and Canada who continued to breed and promote the White Shepherd. In the 1990s, the breed was officially recognised in Switzerland and has since been known as the White Swiss Shepherd.
Due to their high intelligence and willingness to work, White Shepherds are often used in various working areas, including therapy dogs, rescue dogs, and dog sports. Their friendly and patient nature also makes them excellent family dogs, who get along well with children and other pets.

Why a Plush German Shepherd from
Our plush German Shepherds are not just toys; they are loyal companions that provide countless hours of joy. They are made from high-quality materials and lovingly designed to replicate every detail of real dogs. And the best part? You don’t have to worry about food or vet costs. A plush German Shepherd is the perfect solution for anyone who loves a dog but cannot take on the responsibility of a living pet.
Imagine your children having adventures with one of our plush German Shepherds – whether it’s a treasure hunt in the garden or a cuddle afternoon on the couch. These stuffed animals are not only soft and cuddly but also sturdy enough to withstand any adventure. And if you’re an adult who simply wants to admire the beauty and grace of these dogs, our plush German Shepherds are also a great addition to your collection.

More Than Just a Cuddly Toy
A plush German Shepherd from is more than just a stuffed animal – it’s a friend, a protector, and a loyal companion who is always there for you. Whether you’re looking for a gift or want to treat yourself, our German Shepherd cuddly toys are the perfect choice. So why wait? Browse through our Carl-Dick Collection and find your new plush friend. With us, everyone will find what they’re looking for – guaranteed without a leash or muzzle.

Let yourself be enchanted by the variety and quality of our plush German Shepherds and experience the magic of these wonderful animals in your own little, cuddly world. Dive in and discover the love for detail that goes into each and every stuffed animal. We promise you will love your new plush German Shepherd as much as we do.