Soft Toy Westie Dog - Plush Westies

With this popular dog breed, one should actually speak of the West Highland White Terrier, but this would probably be a bit cumbersome in the long run and so the friendly short form "Westie" has established itself. That's why in this category we also speak briefly and succinctly of cuddly toy Westies. With their beautiful bright white and fuzzy fur, these small and playful dogs are unmistakable and always a cheerful sight. But one must not forget that as terriers, they were originally hunting dogs in their own right, despite their small size. With the plush toy Westies, of course, this hunting instinct is not present and they are cuddly playmates and pretty decoration. You can find the playful, charming and lovable family dog here in a large selection as a high quality stuffed animal Westie in various positions and sizes and even with a leash.
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