Soft Toy Pomeranian Dog - Stuffed Animal German Spitz

Discover the high-quality cuddly toy Dwarf Spitz of the Carl Dick Collection: These particularly cute and likeable dogs you can probably only take to your heart! The Pomeranian belongs to the breed of the German Spitz and is also called English Pomeranian. This comes from the fact that already about 200 years ago the small Spitz was brought as his ancestor from Pomerania to England. There he was then bred smaller and smaller and named after Pomeranian because of his origin. And indeed, the living specimens grow only up to 22cm high and thus live up to the "dwarf" in their name.
By some, the Dwarf Spitz is also affectionately referred to as a "ball of fur". Of course, he is much more than that. But because of his lush and fluffy coat, the name is probably quite appropriate. In addition, he has a fur collar around his head, which almost reminds of a mane. His bushy tail also fits to this. His sweet face with the pointed ears, however, has something in common with a fox. It also fits that he exists in different coat colors, but often you meet him in a typical orange. Such a beautiful dog may not be missing as a plush toy Pomeranian in the assortment of of course!
In terms of character, these lively dogs are considered very sweet and affectionate and perfect family dogs. They are intelligent, playful, active and like to move accordingly. But despite their small size, they are very self-confident and like to mess with dogs that are much larger than themselves. Although they tend to yap a bit, but with the appropriate education, this can also be avoided.
However, the lovingly natural designed and high quality stuffed animal dwarf spitz on offer are guaranteed not to yap. They are the perfect gift and beautiful decoration for all dog lovers. See for yourself!
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