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Soft toy plush Pomeranian Dog | Carl Dick Collection
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The Mischievous Cuddly Toy Pomeranians of the Carl Dick Collection

These exceptionally cuddly and super charming dogs will win you over in no time and make your heart melt instantly. The Pomeranian, this fluffy little fellow, belongs to the German Spitz breed and is also affectionately called a Pomeranian in English. About 200 years ago, its ancestors sailed from Pomerania to England, laying the foundation for this living cuddly toy on four paws.

The Pomeranian, or as we call it here: "fur ball on four nimble legs," reaches only up to 22 cm in height – yes, the "dwarf" in its name is indeed fitting.
Imagine having a living, super fluffy plush toy that always brings a smile to your face. And its look? A true fashion statement. With a lush, fluffy coat that almost resembles a mini lion's mane, and a bushy tail that can be perfectly repurposed as a duster. Add to that the sweetest fox-like face with pointy ears and eyes that look straight into your soul.

But don't be deceived by its size:
Character-wise, the Pomeranian has more self-confidence than an award-winning Chihuahua. These lively little creatures are not only extremely intelligent and playful, but they also have a penchant for picking fights with dogs about three times their size – think of a Chihuahua on caffeine. While their barking can sometimes reach the decibel level of a rock concert, with a bit of training, it can be turned into a sweet "woof."

These lively little dogs are not only beautiful but also charismatic to the tips of their paws.
A Pomeranian is intelligent, playful, active, and loves to move – a little bundle of energy on four paws. And beware: despite their modest size, they are so confident that they even take on dogs three times their size. Yes, they have courage, these little cuties.

But don’t worry, the lovingly realistic stuffed animal Pomeranians offered by certainly do not bark.
They are the perfect companions for anyone who loves dogs but doesn’t appreciate the noise. These plush Pomeranians are not only the ideal gift for dog lovers of all ages but also an adorable decoration for your home. Imagine these fluffy fellows sitting on your sofa and keeping you company. See for yourself and get your new, low-maintenance best friend.

And now, a quick snack of knowledge about the living models of these plush heroes:
The Pomeranian, a true wonder on four paws, is a highly lovable and affectionate family dog. With its charming nature, intelligence, and joy in playing, it brings life to any household. Pomeranians are known for their lively and sometimes a bit cheeky nature. They love to be the center of attention and entertain their humans with all sorts of tricks. And although they love to bark, with the right training, they can be turned into true masters of silence.

So, what are you waiting for?
With these plush toys from, you can enjoy the charm of the Pomeranian without the leash and walks. Get your fluffy friend home and experience the magical world of cuddly toys in its funniest form.
Grab one of these irresistible stuffed animal Pomeranians and let yourself be enchanted by their fluffiness and charm. The Carl Dick Collection on is waiting for you.