Soft Toy Blow Fish - Stuffed Animal Puffer Fish

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Discover the high-quality cuddly toy puffer fish of the Carl Dick Collection: You won't find a fish like this everywhere! With its rounded, squat build, the large protruding eyes and the almost beak-shaped mouth, the puffer fish simply stands out. And it is precisely because of this striking appearance that it is also very popular and in demand as an unusual plush toy blow fish. After all, it is often the "unusual" animals that stand out and particularly shine among the cuddly toys.
About 200 species of puffer fish are known worldwide. Some only 2 cm, others up to 120 cm in size. They are probably famous and infamous above all for their ability to inflate their own bodies to the size of a ball. Because then they pump water with muscle power through their mouth into their stomach and can thus reach 2-3 times their actual body size. In this way, hardly any enemy gets to swallow the puffer fish and it is a smart survival strategy. In addition, the puffer fish has spines on its skin instead of scales, which stand up when it is inflated, making it even less appetizing to its enemies.
The fact that they are not particularly fast swimmers with their physique should not be surprising. On the other hand, pufferfish are quite flexible with their pectoral fins as far as direction is concerned. Because whether forward, backward, up or down. Leisurely it can move in any direction.
Although eating a puffer fish can have more than unpleasant consequences, they are known as a fugu delicacy in East Asia. Fortunately, you don't have to worry about this with the high-quality stuffed animal puffer fish in the range. They are great to cuddle and play with without spines and are also in demand as eye-catching decoration for all sea lovers!