Tasmanian Devil as Stuffed Animal - Soft Toy

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The high-quality plush toy Tasmanian Devil from the Carl Dick Collection: The nocturnal marsupial really exists and not only on TV. Here you will discover the extraordinary contemporary as a Tasmanian Devil cuddly toy in a loving design. The largest living predatory marsupial only exists on the island of Tasmania, which belongs to Australia - hence its name. And the devil is not called by chance. This probably comes from his black fur and his ears, which turn red when he gets excited. In addition, he is considered a rather wild, belligerent contemporary, which can spread a rather eerie screech and an unpleasant smell. However, this does not make him any less lovable as a living creature in our eyes, and the skillful hunter also has its good points as a scavenger, because he keeps order and is also a useful hunter of mice. As a stuffed animal Tasmanian Devil shines with its contrasting colors and a sympathetic cute appearance, which makes him an unusual playmate and a special gift idea.