Soft Toy Fennec - Stuffed animal desert fox

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Discover the high-quality cuddly toy desert foxes of the Carl-Dick-Collection: On you will find the smallest of all wild dogs, but with the largest ears, as a great and cute desert fox plush toy. With its large ears, the fennec can regulate its body temperature, because the smallest fox species lives exclusively in the sandy deserts of the dry Sahara. And also otherwise he is perfectly adapted to life there: The small desert fox manages without drinking at all, as the liquid it absorbs through its food is enough for it. With its light brown fur, it is also very well camouflaged in the sand. In addition, nature's role models have hair pads on their paws so that they don't burn themselves on the hot desert sand. During the day, the nocturnal animals are in their burrows, which they dig and in which, living as a family, they also raise their young. At night they hunt mainly rodents and lizards. Fortunately, thanks to its agility, the fennec often escapes its natural enemies such as hyenas and jackals. You can discover the fascinating foxes from the desert on as natural and high-quality stuffed animal desert foxes. To cuddle, love, play and as a great decoration, they are a particularly fluffy and loving gift idea for all fox and animal lovers.