Stuffed Animal Hyena - Soft Toy

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Discover the high-quality cuddly toy hyenas of the Carl Dick Collection: When you hear that someone wants a cuddly toy, the first thing you probably don't think of is a hyena. The animal world has more lovable specimens on offer. The world of cuddly toys also makes you think of something other than, of all things, hyenas. But we are doing the animal a great injustice here. Because our experience shows that just the exotic plush animals, which are just not found on every shelf, are very popular and are bought more often than you think. Particularly striking and characteristic is the mane on their back. This, of course, must not be missing from the plush toy hyena. In the wild, hyenas usually live in packs. Whether you want a whole pack of stuffed toy hyenas is, of course, up to you. So if you like to cuddle with a tame hyena or are looking for an unusual decoration, you will certainly find it at