Lynx made of plush - Soft toy

Discover the high-quality plush toy lynxes of the Carl Dick Collection: typical features of the pretty cats are the black hair brushes on their ears and the short stubby tail. What of course must not be missing from the lifelike cuddly toy lynxes. The tufts of hair on their ears support their excellent hearing. Lynx live mainly in forests, where they are perfectly camouflaged with their pretty fur markings. Lynxes are the largest predatory cats living in Europe. For a long time they were extinct in Germany, but now the skillful hunters, who can see excellently in the dark, have been successfully reintroduced. Did you know that lynx meow in a similar way to the cats we keep as pets? The loving stuffed animal lynxes are always a popular gift idea among all cat lovers as cuddly companions and pretty decoration.
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