Soft Toy Ocelot - Stuffed Animal

Ocelot as a plush toy, i.e. a plush ocelot is rather rare on the cuddly toy shelf. That is why you have a small selection of this South American leopard species in our online shop. The big cat is very important to us, because we repeatedly receive quality confirmations from customers, especially when an ocelot has just been bought. This can of course be primarily due to the excellent quality of the plush toys from the Carl Dick Collection, but also especially to the fur of the cuddly toy. The rather long tail is curled, the body is largely striped and the legs are spotted, almost like a Dalmatian. In addition to the serval cat, it is certainly an extraordinary cat of prey. You can admire the ocelot in the zoo or buy it as a stuffed animal online to take home.
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