Soft Toy Snow Leopard - Stuffed Animal Snow Leopards

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Discover the high-quality cuddly toy snow leopards of the Carl Dick Collection: These fascinating and shy cats of prey you probably do not get to see in the wild. All the better that you can get the pretty and graceful snow leopard as an inspiring plush toy snow leopard on!
Even if the leopard is in the name: the snow leopard forms a very own species of big cats next to the leopards. And unfortunately also the species that is most threatened with extinction.
The cat, also called Irbis, lives as a loner exclusively in the high mountains of Central Asia. And compared to its relatives from Africa, it is the smallest of all so-called big cats. In truth, it is even smaller than it looks on the outside, because the snow leopard has a very long coat, especially in winter. This particularly dense fur is also necessary when living in such icy conditions at altitudes of up to 6,000 meters. And with its grayish, black-flecked fur coloring, the snow leopard is very well camouflaged in the rocky and snowy environment. Conveniently, its particularly large and hairy paws, like snowshoes, ensure that it does not sink into the snow and get cold feet.
Another feature of the snow leopard is its long and bushy tail, which it can use to cover itself and keep warm. In addition, he needs this for his cat-typical acrobatic jumps. As far as distance is concerned, the snow leopard is one of the record holders in the animal kingdom, as it is said to jump up to 16 meters. The only thing this leopard doesn't seem to be able to do is roar. For it purrs and howls more like a house cat. The roar of his big cat relatives is not his thing.
This unusual and elegant cat living in the snow should be missing as a lifelike stuffed animal snow leopard in the assortment and in any collection. With you get this fascinating cat as a high-quality stuffed animal snow leopard to cuddle, play and as a pretty decoration for all animal and cat lovers at home at any time.