Soft Toy Wild Dogs - Stuffed Animals

Discover the Carl Dick Collection high quality plush toy wild dogs: Did you know that foxes are counted among the dog family? Just like jackals, coyotes and wolves too. In this category you will find as a cuddly toy wild dog, for example, the famous desert fox, also called Fennek. It is the smallest of all fox species and the nocturnal animal lives exclusively in the desert areas of North Africa. It is very well adapted to life in the sandy heat and manages without drinking. The most striking feature of this handsome fox species is its huge ears, which it uses to regulate its body temperature. The arctic fox is another beautiful representative of the stuffed animal wild dogs and the opposite of the desert fox. It is also called ice fox and lives mainly in the Arctic tundra. He has adapted perfectly to the icy temperatures, because he has the densest fur of all mammals! Did you know that his beautiful snow-white coat turns gray-brown in the summer, as his coat color adapts to the season? The pretty wild dogs are cuddly playmates and a special gift idea.
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