Stuffed Animal Mammoth - Plush Toy

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We are very happy to sell mammoths as a cuddly toy, i.e. a plush mammoth. These ancestors of elephants also indicate the enormous size of these animals as cuddly toys. So you don't necessarily have to travel to Siberia to see such a giant, all you have to do is visit the online shop and, of course, place an order. In contrast to the gray elephants, our mammoths have a brown fur. The hair is also longer and copied from real animals, also straggly or in the language of children: fluffier. The mammoths feel soft and invite you to stroke them. However, in order to maintain posture, the plush toys offered by the Carl Dick Collection are mostly standing. That's how it should be. Now every child and every friend of stuffed animals can feel like Neanderthals.