Care Tips for Soft Toys

Toys From time to time cuddly- and soft toys need a thorough clean-up. If the soft toy has a label where you can see how to clean it, it is very easy.

Unfortunately many stuffed toys do not have washing information. In this case I think a chemical purification is unsuitable. Especially if the soft toy is used as a cuddly toy. Mostly hand washing with lukewarm soapsuds (about 30 degrees) is enough. Treat strong blotch first. Press it out and let the air dry the toy. If it is a big animal you can let it predry with the easy spin cycle.

Certainly it is pleasanter to wash the toy with the machine. Many people do not have escapements to do that and the most time they are lucky because the stuffed toy "survived" without damage. Today the most materials are machine washable and suitable for dryer. You take no risk with toweling, microfiber and materials with gauze. In the dryer some long hair materials get muchly cuddlesome. Attention with man-made fibers which show tangle by using (mostly with qualitatively cheap products). Such kind of stuffed toys will not survive the washing machine or the dryer.

For long-haired stuffed toy I only recommend hand wash, some slings and air drying. If the stuffed toy is completely dehydrated joggle it and try to form it with a raw comb.

For parts that must not be washed or soft toys where you are not sure because they have so many materials it is the best you give them a carefully wipe with a soft cloth and lather. Wipe dry with clear water and let the air dry the toy.

If you only wash the toy exterior and you do not think that the toy is really clean I have a tip: If the soft toy is completely dehydrated put it into an air-tight or vacuum plastic bag. Now put the bag into the freezer for some days.

After that defrost it and let the air try the toy again. Now you can be sure that house dust mites and parasites had no chance of survival. The same I recommend with an affection of moths and lice. The longer the pieces stay into the freezer (at least 3 days) so much the better.

If the stuffed toy is too big for the freezer, you get the same effect by packing it air-tight or vacuum into a plastic bag for at least 4 weeks.

Please note: Do not forget to take modules for batteries or the voice out of the soft toy if you want to wash it. If the toy does not have an opening I advise to inseam the toy at a less visible place. After drying insert the module for the battery and sew up the toy.

Due to the many materials used by the manufacturer hand- and machine wash on your own is always a risk.

My tips resulted by my own experience and research.