Plush Toy Rabbit & Stuffed Animal Bunny

Rabbit Bunny standing beige | soft toy | stuffed animal | plush toy
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Rabbit Bunny standing beige, 18cm.
Plush Toy | Soft Toy | Stuffed Animal
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Rabbit Bunny standing brown | soft toy | stuffed animal | plush toy
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Rabbit Bunny standing brown, 18cm.
Plush Toy | Soft Toy | Stuffed Animal
17,95 EUR
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Discover the high-quality cuddly toy bunnies of the Carl Dick Collection: The cute plush bunnies are in demand all year round, but of course especially popular at Easter as plush Easter bunnies.
At you can browse fluffy cuddly bunnies, in many fur colors, whether sitting or making a man, with standing or lying ears. And as you probably know, the bunny ears are also called spoons.
In the assortment you will find plush toy bunnies such as the field hare, which is a particularly fast sprinter. Also popular is the snow hare, with its beautiful white fur.
And so that there is no confusion: Rabbits and hares are of course related, but externally differ mainly in their size and the length of their spoons. For rabbits are smaller and stockier than hares and have shorter ears. Also, rabbits have longer and stronger hind legs and weigh more. When it comes to plush bunnies, we leave that to your own imagination as well.
Here you will definitely find what you are looking for high-quality, velvety soft stuffed animal bunnies! They are fluffy playmates to cuddle, love and play with and inspire as a pretty Easter decoration and loving gift idea.

Bunny cuddly toys: browse the range of fluffy long ears

Bunny-Plush-Toy-Stuffed-AnimalRabbits and rabbits are different species of animals, both of which belong to the family of so-called hares and can not be crossed among themselves. Which, of course, does not work with the plush rabbits.

The gentle rabbits with their soft fur are very popular as pets in Germany and among breeders, and also as cuddly soft plush animals they are equally popular with children and adults.

The domestic rabbit is the form of the wild rabbit that has been bred by humans for thousands of years. Living in colonies and burrows, the wild rabbit differs from the hares in size, weight and physique.

The hares are spread all over the world and have been settled by man even in places where they were not native originally. And so in the different latitudes of the earth there are also some different hare species to discover.

In our country, the most common species is the brown hare, which is active at dusk and at night. It lives in fields, meadows and forests and since it does not live in burrows, but only in earth moles called Sassen, it must always be on the lookout and is known as a particularly fast and agile sprinter, which can reach speeds of up to 80km / h. He is a real wild animal and, unlike the rabbit, is not considered tameable.

No matter whether the real role models from nature are hares or rabbits: The beautiful and gentle animals with their distinctive ears, with which they can hear particularly well, always go down well as cute stuffed rabbits to cuddle and love.

Plush toy bunnies: Discover the small and large plush bunnies Carl Dick Collection

Bunny Plush Toy Stuffed AnimalAt you can buy stuffed rabbits in many different positions, whether lying, sitting or standing. In the different sizes and fur colors, they are always a loving gift idea and popular as a cuddly soft toy with children or as a pretty decoration with animal lovers.

Especially in demand are the small sitting bunnies from Carl Dick in beige, brown and white.

All cuddly toy bunnies on offer are from the Carl Dick Collection. The traditional brand has been successful on the market for over 30 years and is a specialist in cuddly toys with its headquarters in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. Details about the material used, mostly high-quality acrylic wool, can always be found on the respective product page.

Care advice for bunny stuffed animals

We recommend, as with all stuffed animals on offer, hand washing in lukewarm soapy water to keep the beautiful fur of the cuddly bunnies clean. For more detailed tips on washing stuffed animals, please see our sub-page with care advice for cuddly animals of all kinds.