Plush Toys: Goat and Capricorn

Browse lifelike plush toy goats from Carl Dick Collection: a category in the group Farm. For goats do spend a lot of time outdoors, in fields and meadows, clearings and even in the mountains. Mostly also together with sheep. But in autumn, when it gets colder again, it goes into the barn at night. In the online store for stuffed animals, you can also buy the cuddly goats according to your own wishes. So we have no problem if you recognize the animal as an ibex or even a billy goat. Also we have a mountain goat in the offer, so a chamois. With plush or cuddly animals there is no DNA test (yet), so the variety of species leaves free rein to the imagination. By the way, the horns of all goats are made with soft material. So if the purchased plush goats should ever buck, there is no danger to people and inventory.
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