Plush Toys: Goat and Capricorn

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Browse the high-quality cuddly toy goats of the Carl Dick Collection: You will find the goats on in the category "Farm". Because they do spend a lot of time outdoors, in fields and meadows, in clearings and even in the mountains. Mostly also together with sheep. But in the fall, when it gets colder again, the domesticated goats go into the barn at night.
The goat belongs to the so-called family of horned goats. And there are in the assortment beside the well-known domestic goat also so some other kinds of the wild goat and the ibexes as fluffy plush animal goat for you to discover.
By the way, the horns of all goats are made with soft material. So, if the purchased stuffed animal goats ever buck, there is no danger to people and inventory. Because these goats are fluffy, natural companions to cuddle, love and play with and also as a decoration always a nice gift idea.