Soft Toy Skunk - Stuffed Animal

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Discover the high quality cuddly toy skunk  of the Carl Dick Collection: such a plush toy you will not find everywhere. As the name suggests, the skunk is best known for its ability to spread a not-so-pleasant scent with special glands. However, it only does this in defense when it feels threatened.
In technical language it is also called skunk. Plush animal skunks smell, we promise, very pleasant. And anyway, this interesting animal has much more to offer.
Its typical appearance with its black fur, the white stripes in it and the bushy, erect tail is probably known to almost everyone, although skunks are not native to us, but are found exclusively on the American continent. And even among large predators, word has spread about how the skunk defends itself. That's why even cougars prefer to give them a wide berth.
Such an unusual and high quality processed stuffed animal skunk, as you find it on, is a great (and cheeky) gift idea for young and old.