Soft Toy St. Bernard Dog - Stuffed Animal St. Bernard - Plush Toy

An extremely popular and lovable dog breed, which you can discover here as a cuddly toy St. Bernard from the Carl Dick Collection: On the back, the St. Bernard is brown, on the belly he has white fur. Just as it should be for a real St. Bernard. And also for the plush toy St. Bernard. By the way, the St. Bernard got its name from the Great St. Bernard in Switzerland. This is not a saint, but a mountain. The dogs were also called St. Bernard dogs in the past. They helped the monks a few hundred years ago on their way through the wild mountain landscape. The St. Bernard is also considered the ancestor of today's popular Bernese mountain dogs. The St. Bernard dogs are famous mainly because of their missions in winter as avalanche dogs. Everyone knows the picture with the dog and a barrel around the neck and thinks there is schnapps in it. In the natural history museum in Bern there is a stuffed St. Bernard with a barrel, not a stuffed animal St. Bernard. He is called Barry, probably because of the barrel around his neck.
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