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Alarm! Shark on cuddly attack ahead! Grab the fluffy giant predator and experience cuddly thrills with the plush sharks

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Discover the World of Cuddly Toy Sharks from the Carl Dick Collection at

Welcome to the hilariously funny world of cuddly toy sharks from the Carl Dick Collection at Here you'll find plush toys so fluffy and cute, they’ll make even the grumpiest shark fan smile. Our cuddly toys are not only designed to be detailed and lifelike but also come with a good dose of humor. From the Great White Shark to the Hammerhead Shark – you can be sure the teeth are made of fabric, and the only danger is that you might never want to put them down.

Did you know how fascinating real sharks are?
Sharks have been the undisputed rulers of the seas for about 400 million years, meaning they were gliding through the oceans long before dinosaurs were even a glint in evolution's eye. With over 500 different species, sharks are one of the most diverse animal groups in the world. Their sizes range from tiny 20 cm dwarf sharks to majestic 14 meter whale sharks. But don't worry, most sharks are harmless to humans, preferring plankton or smaller sea creatures in their diet. What they all have in common is the need to keep moving constantly, as they lack a swim bladder and would otherwise sink to the ocean floor like a drunk anchor.

The quirky behavior of hammerhead sharks
Hammerhead sharks, or "those with the funny heads," are truly in a class of their own. Their unique head shape not only looks bizarre but also serves a practical purpose. With their hammer-like head, they can better perceive electromagnetic fields, making it easier to locate their prey. Additionally, the wide head shape allows for better maneuverability in the water, helping them be quicker and more agile. A hammerhead shark in your living room might lead to some unexpected "head bumps," but don't worry, our stuffed hammerhead sharks are well-trained and will only bump into your heart.

Curious shark facts
Did you know that sharks not only stand out because of their teeth but also their unconventional sleeping habits? Yes, sharks actually sleep by shutting down parts of their brain alternately, allowing them to keep swimming. A bit like in a zombie film, except they're not hunting for brains, just a cozy spot in the water. And have you heard that some shark species are marathon swimmers? The Great White Shark, for example, can travel thousands of kilometers to find new hunting grounds. Another fun fact: sharks are masters of regeneration and can regrow lost teeth within days – wouldn't that be a dream at the dentist?

Did you know...
...that sharks are among the few fish that don't have a swim bladder and therefore need to keep moving constantly?
...that the Great White Shark can have up to 300 teeth in its mouth at the same time?
...that sharks are among the oldest known animal species in the world and existed before the dinosaurs?
...that sharks can perceive electromagnetic fields, helping them locate their prey?
...that some sharks, like the whale shark, are completely harmless and mainly feed on plankton?

The enchanting cuddly toy sharks from the Carl Dick Collection
And now to our fluffy friends. The cuddly toy sharks from the Carl Dick Collection are perfect companions for small and large shark fans. Whether it's a Great White Shark snuggling on the couch or a Hammerhead Shark proudly perched on the shelf – our plush toys are not only soft and cuddly but also astonishingly detailed. They make excellent gifts for children who love to go on adventures with their stuffed animals or for collectors who appreciate something special. Our stuffed animals are of the highest quality and crafted with great attention to detail to resemble real sharks as closely as possible – of course, without the sharp teeth.

Dive into the fascinating world of cuddly toy sharks at and let yourself be enchanted by our soft, lovable fabric predators. Because one thing is for sure: these sharks only want one thing – to cuddle.