Soft Toy Elephants - Stuffed Animal

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Browse the high-quality plush toy elephants of the Carl Dick Collection: Elephants are the largest of all land mammals. The gentle pachyderms are considered particularly intelligent animals with a good memory. They are social herd animals whose females stay with their herd for life and look out for each other's young. Discover the clever trunk animals as fluffy cuddly elephants, whose living models can be found in Africa and Asia. That is why there is the African elephant and the Asian elephant. Of course, the most striking features of the gray pachyderms are their large ears, tusks and trunk. They use their trunks in many ways - and not only for trumpeting. Elephants can reach a very proud age of around 60 years in the wild. The loving stuffed animal elephants are cuddly playmates and also as a decoration a successful gift idea.