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Around 10,000 bird species live on - or above - our globe. We have selected the most beautiful, cutest and funniest birds for you and present them as soft cuddly toys. Often the poultry are said to have human characteristics. So if you like to mischievously wave the fence post, you will find funny plush gifts for mothers-in-law, colleagues, neighbors and friends in the bird world.

In our bird world you will see dragons, ducks, falcons, owls, pigeons, chickens, crows, parrots, peacocks, ravens, swans and toucans with their huge beaks. No, they don't spit fire, aren't stupid or vain or pretending to be clever - they're all so cute that you can only be happy.

Our exotic species, the flamingos, kiwis, penguins, ostriches and the Tui bird, on the other hand, alleviate heartache and wanderlust and remind you of special moments from past journeys.

That leaves the eagle. Freshly hatched or just before the flight, the king of the skies is in his category and looks at you sublime, puzzled or hearty. Almost forgot Hansi and Tweety! The budgies! It's good that some of them chirped loudly.

Cuddly toy birds - discover a wide range of the fascinating flying animals

bird plush toy stuffed animalAbout 10,000 species of the admirable and elegant flying animals are known worldwide - other counting concepts assume about twice as many.

With so many living examples from the animal kingdom, the category of birds on is also well filled and there are many subcategories of the colorful and species-rich animals to discover.  

Many of these elegant and beautiful animals, which have a great fascination for people, can be found here in a loving stuffed animal version. The cute birds are popular with children, whether girls or boys, as fluffy playmates to cuddle and love.

And also adults can be inspired by the proud flying animals as a pretty and stylish decoration, whether ornithologist or simply animal lover.

Buy the right plush bird

On you will find a colorful and diverse selection of detailed designed stuffed birds in high quality workmanship in many sizes and colors. Of course, detailed information on material and dimensions can be found on all product pages.

Some of the cute birds are oriented in size to their real role models, such as budgies, kiwi and chicks or baby birds of various kinds.
Others are deliberately kept a little smaller than the adult role models and are thus more compact and cheaper and also practical for children to take along.
And adult large birds can of course also be found, such as a proud falcon, an exotic harpy, a golden penguin-mother-child combination and a great raven hand puppet.

In the loving and diverse assortment of cute feathered friends, you are sure to find what you are looking for.

Bird stuffed animals - browse through the highlights of the Carl Dick Collection

kiwi bird plush toy stuffed animalOf course, there are many birds in the range whose real-life role models from nature can fly, but those that can't are also represented here:
  • The kiwi, which lives exclusively in New Zealand and is very much revered there as a national animal, is a special feature in the Carl Dick range. You won't find such a cute kiwi easily and it will quickly become your new favorite cuddly toy.
  • The penguins are a classic and are always popular regardless of the season (i.e. even in high summer). Whether as a cute baby penguin or cuddly mother-child combination.

And there are also some top items to discover among the flying birds:
  • The blue city pigeon: Even if the living model probably does not enjoy the greatest popularity in all cities, this lovingly and lifelike designed pigeon is an extremely popular and special stuffed animal bird.
  • Things get a little more exotic with the harpy. Another rare stuffed animal in the assortment. This bird of prey, whose living model comes from the tropical forests of South America, is in great demand.
  • Among the birds of prey is the true-to-life and realistically recreated falcon, which you can also discover here as a fluffy and popular fabric variant.
  • A classic are the budgies, the pretty birds from Australia, which belong to the parrots, are very popular as pets and also as a natural, loving cuddly toy variant in green and blue very much in demand.
  • Another domestic resident and classic is the mallard. The real example does not fly too far. But this specimen delights with its bright colors and realistic design.
  • Last but not least, a rather small representative: The exceedingly cute and cuddly chick in its pretty yellow is very cute and very much in demand all year round, but especially at Easter, as a loving gift idea.

Keep stuffed animal birds clean - care tips for the plush bird

As with all plush animals on offer, we also advise hand washing for the stuffed birds. A note can usually be found on the sewn label. More detailed advice can be found in our care tips.