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Browse the high-quality plush toy lions of the Carl Dick Collection: here you will find an impressive selection of the fascinating big cats in many positions and sizes. Whether adult lion male with stately mane, pretty lionesses or cute lion baby. By the way, the mane grows only the male lions when they get older. The animal with the most imposing mane is usually also the leader of the pride. Even cuddly lions can boast an impressive mane! The predators are found in southern Africa, where they prefer to live in the savannah. Of course, with the lion you must immediately think of his mighty roar, with which he makes a clear announcement who is the master of the territory. You can find the king of the animals here as a stuffed animal lion. He can be fluffy playmate or great decoration for feline predator lovers and is certainly a great gift idea.

Buy cuddly toy lions: The king of beasts as an impressive fabric feline predator

lion plush toy stuffed animalThe lion is after the tiger only the second largest among the big cats of the earth, but he is the one who is known worldwide as the king of animals. Of course, mainly due to the luxuriant hair of his mane, he impresses people and thanks to them makes a particularly proud, noble and sublime impression. Not without reason, the lion is often considered a symbol of courage and strength. And also the lionesses prefer males with particularly luxuriant mane and competitors know that they better give a wide berth to these particularly strong and well-fed lion males, which are usually also pack leaders. Thereby the mane grows only to the males in the course of the early adulthood. Lionesses and of course also lion cubs lack it on the other hand.

So it is not surprising that the beautiful and elegant cats are of course particularly suitable as stuffed animals and as such they are popular with animal lovers and children. So you will find at a great selection of the imposing big cats, whose living models, unlike most other cats, live in packs. These consist mainly of females, which are often related to each other, and their kittens and only a few males. The hunt is left to the more agile lionesses in the pride, who mainly target mammals such as antelopes, gazelles, zebras and wildebeests. A real lion can eat several kilograms of meat a day - fortunately, plush lions are more frugal and can do without.

Young male lions that reach adulthood then leave their pride and join smaller groups and in turn try to take over the leadership of their own pride. The territory that a common lion pride claims and marks for itself can take on enormous proportions and is defended not least with their famous roar, with which the lion can gain proper respect. Fortunately, stuffed lionesses and lions are peace-loving fellows, who above all want to be cuddled and are a particularly beautiful sight.

Nowadays you can find the predominantly savannah-dwelling predators still living in sub-Saharan Africa and in a small part of India - and of course here in our online store as lovingly designed and high-quality processed stuffed animal lions. In the wild, they live up to twenty years - in zoos, however, even over thirty years.

Browse the plush toy lions from the Carl Dick Collection

A highlight is the lovingly designed and lifelike lion cub, which is simply to fall in love with.

All cuddly toys on offer are from the Carl Dick Collection. The traditional brand has been successful on the market for over 30 years and is a specialist in cuddly toys with its headquarters in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. Information on the material used, usually high-quality acrylic wool, can always be found on the respective product page

Care tips for the stuffed animal lion

Especially such a gracefully beautiful and proud animal like a lion would of course always like to look good and accordingly be made clean again, should the plush lion but once dirty. Whether because lions also cat wash, we can not answer here. But in any case, we recommend hand washing with soapy water for our plush animals and gladly refer to our page with general care advice for cuddly animals of all kinds.