Stuffed Animal Sloth - Cuddly Toy

Discover the high-quality plush animal sloths of the Carl Dick Collection: The appearance of the sloths with their small head and the all the larger looking body with its shaggy fur simply has something funny. That is why cuddly toy sloths are very popular. They are found living exclusively in Central and South America. There, sloths spend most of their lives hanging upside down in trees with their claws. And they can sleep over 15 hours a day. To call them lazy is also a bit unfair. This is because they feed exclusively on leaves and buds and have a very slow metabolism. Their body is simply trimmed for economy and therefore they move only in slow motion, if it is absolutely necessary. Thus, they are also considered the slowest mammals. About a stuffed animal sloth as a gift, even if it is perhaps a little naughty, but everyone is happy, because they are simply sympathetic, amiable creatures. And some may not be so dissimilar to them.
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