Soft toy Whale - Stuffed Animal

Discover high-quality plush toy whales from the Carl Dick Collection: The whale is of course known mainly because it is the largest animal living on earth today. Strictly speaking, namely the blue whale, which can grow up to 33 meters long and weigh 200 tons. Our cuddly toy whales are a bit more modest, but they are also fluffier and more suitable for cuddling. As we know, whales are not fish, but mammals. Some of them can dive for quite a long time, but sooner or later they have to come to the surface to breathe. When they exhale, their famous water fountain is formed. Of course, there are many other well-known species besides the blue whale, such as the humpback whale or the killer whale, also called orca. Come across the gigantic sea dwellers as stuffed animal whales, which are fluffy playmates and a loving gift idea for all sea lovers. 
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