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Soft Toy Raccoons – How Fluffy Raccoons are Taking Over the Plush Toy Zoo and Becoming Cuddly Heroes

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The Raccoon Wonder World: Discover the cutest plush bandits of the Carl Dick Collection at

Welcome to the daring world of the Cuddly Toy Raccoons from the Carl Dick Collection. Forget all notions that these adorable bandits will turn your bathroom into a laundromat. Our Stuffed Animal Raccoons are masters of deception – instead of washing laundry, they bring fluffy adventures and a touch of mischief to your home. With their distinctive dark eye masks, they look like little rogues just waiting to steal your hearts. Whether as a Plush Toy for cuddling, a stylish decoration, or a humorous companion – these raccoons are ready for any adventure on your sofa.

Unique Traits of Raccoons:
Raccoons are fascinating creatures with a variety of unique characteristics. These omnivores have remarkably dexterous paws that function almost like hands, allowing them to sense and grasp food. Their distinctive facial mask and bushy, ringed tail make them easily recognisable. They have a keen sense of touch, enhanced by fine, sensitive hairs on their paws, which helps them explore their surroundings even in the dark. In the wild, they are not only curious but also highly intelligent and adaptable.

Raccoons in the Wild and Their Way of Life:
In the wild, raccoons are true night owls and skilled omnivores. They roam through forests, cities, and everything in between in search of food. They are not picky – from fruits and nuts to small vertebrates and human refuse, they eat it all. They are especially known for raiding trash cans, which is why they are often called "trash can bandits". During the day, they retreat to safe hideouts such as tree hollows, abandoned burrows, or attics. Originally from North America, they have spread to Europe, Asia, and Germany due to their adaptability.

Fun Facts About Raccoons:
Did you know that raccoons are little acrobats? They can squeeze through tight spaces and even turn doorknobs. Their front paws are as nimble as human hands, enabling them to perform complex tasks. Although they are often considered loners, they communicate with a variety of sounds – from purring to shrill screams. These little fellows are truly fascinating.

German Word for Raccoons: “Waschbaer = Wash-Bear”
Have you ever wondered why raccoons are called " Wash-Bear "? Although they don’t actually wash, it often looks as if they are rinsing their food in water – a habit that gave them their name. These little bandits are also excellent climbers and swimmers. Their playful and curious nature makes them true entertainers in the animal kingdom.

Did You Know Raccoons:
… use over 40 different sounds to communicate with each other?
… are capable of solving complex problems, comparable to primates?
… have thumbs unlike many other animals, which help them grasp and manipulate objects?
… prefer living near water because it offers the richest food sources?
… give birth to their young in the spring, and these young ones start exploring the world after just a few weeks?

Why You’ll Love a Cuddly Toy Raccoon from the Carl Dick Collection:
Our Stuffed Animal Raccoons from the Carl Dick Collection are the perfect way to bring these fascinating creatures into your home – without the hassle of raided trash cans. With their high-quality production and charming design, they are not only ideal cuddle companions but also fun and educational friends. Whether big or small, these Plush Raccoons are ready to win your hearts in no time.