Stuffed Animal Tiger - Soft Toy Tiger

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Browse the high-quality plush toy tigers of the Carl Dick Collection: did you know that the tiger is the largest species of predatory cat on earth? Discover a wide selection of the impressive big cats. Tigers live in the wild exclusively in eastern Asia. The loners prefer to roam in the thickets and grass of the jungle, where they are always well camouflaged with their typical striped fur. Cuddly tigers are also admired for their beautiful fur markings. They come in shades of brown, but also in the rare variety of white Bengal tiger. Like our house cats, tigers usually take it easy and like to laze around. Only if it must be, they go on hunt. They stalk and pounce on their prey with cat-typical leaps. Cat lovers will find what they are looking for here in the search for a suitable stuffed animal tiger. Whether as fluffy playmates or pretty decoration, they are always a great gift.