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Discover high quality cuddly toy dogs from Carl Dick Collection: do we say plush dogs, stuffed dogs or cuddly dogs? Mostly this depends on how our parents used to call the animals. So cuddle dogs, stuffed animal dogs or stuffed animal dogs. With the dogs in this category, however, it is not enough to simply lump them all together - or dog. The selection of the individual breeds differentiates there much too much. So we do not think that someone is looking for a cuddly poodle, but maybe a stuffed poodle. In any case, the assortment of stuffed toy dogs in the Carl Dick Collection is very large. There are about 200 different dogs to choose from. The largest group among the dogs are the Bernese Mountain Dogs, followed by the Golden Retriever, the Border Collie and German Shepherd. Pugs are also well represented. Also popular are the British terriers such as the West Highland, Airedale or Fox Terrier. To Switzerland we send many Maltese and of course St. Bernard with and without barrel. Some plush toy dogs almost reach the original size of the living counterpart. The large Labrador is a popular purchase, although the full-size Dachshund is more of a cuddly toy. Dog lovers will find the right specimen. And who would like a Dalmatian, will not look for at the Beagle, or nevertheless? For sure you will find the right gift here.
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Buy cuddly toy dogs - man's best friend as a cuddly soft playmate

dog-plush-toy-stuffed-animalAfter cats, dogs are (statistically) the most popular pet in Germany. The loyal four-legged friends are full-fledged family members, best friends, loyal protectors and watchdogs.

The domestic dog emerged from wolves domesticated by humans a good 15,000 years ago. Since then, a large number of different dog breeds have been bred. From the small Chihuahua to the large St. Bernard, they differ greatly in size, build and coat texture, but of course also in their character. In any case, nature offers a great variety of dogs as models for fluffy and lovingly designed plush dogs.

Some are pure pets and companions, others work as herding dogs, search dogs, hunting dogs or even guard dogs. For this they are suitable especially because of their excellent sense of hearing and smell. In addition, dogs are very social animals that seek the proximity of humans and whose families become their pack for the domestic dog.

And since they are so popular as pets and many people have a great relationship with dogs, it is not surprising that the friendly fur noses are among the most searched animals on

For children, stuffed toy dogs can be cuddly companions and playmates. Even if they don't replace a real animal, the cute stuffed barkers are beloved playmates for them who have their permanent place in the children's room.

And also for adult animal lovers and dog friends plush dogs are a great gift idea, which also always cut a good figure as decoration.

Dog stuffed animals: guide to buying in 2022 - here you will find the right plush four-legged friend

dog-plush-toy-stuffed-animalWorldwide there are over 300 different breeds of dogs. And so the selection is also large among the cuddly toy dogs and you will find a variety of subcategories, which are sorted by dog breeds and to which new ones are added again and again.

Of course, the most common breeds are represented and popular here, such as Australian Shepherds, Saint Bernards, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Dachshunds, German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Huskies or Poodles, just to name a few.

Most of the four-legged friends in the offer are designed as realistically as possible after the real models and want to be close to natural and lifelike to the living dog. Others are rather funny designed animals, for example, with particularly large eyes, especially popular with children.

The texture and length of the fur is of course based on the model from nature, which is always easy to see in the product photos. For example, there are boxer dogs with rather short fur or even the practical opposite, such as a bobtail or long-haired collie, with particularly lush fur splendor, which should resemble the real model as much as possible.

Plush dogs to play and cuddle in many different sizes and positions

dog-plush-toy-stuffed-animalYou will find on small and large stuffed animal dogs in different positions, so lying, sitting or standing, which is always easy to see in the product images. For some dogs, several positions are also possible.

The fluffy Wauwaus also differ in size. Thus, there are quite small and inexpensive dogs on offer, which can be easily taken along as a toy - and relatively light in terms of weight are conveniently most plush toys.

Of course, there are also larger specimens that are particularly impressive and, depending on the dog breed, also correspond to the life size of the animal or come close. You may have to look twice to make sure that you are not dealing with a real dog.

Information about the material used can always be found on the respective product page. Predominantly, this is high-quality acrylic wool.

Discover the highlights among the cuddly dogs of the Carl Dick Collection

Care tips for your stuffed toy dog

Even a plush dog wants to be kept clean, especially if it has been played with a lot. In general, we recommend hand washing with lukewarm water. This is also usually stated as information on the label sewn to the animal. More detailed advice on this can be found under our care tips for cuddly toys.