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The Adventures of the Cuddly Toy Hedgehog: The World of Plush Toy Hedgehogs – A Prickly Fun for Children and Those Who Are Never Too Old for Stuffed Animals

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The hedgehogs of the Carl Dick Collection at Cuddly, Soft, and Always There for You

Welcome to the enchanting world of the Carl Dick Collection, where every hedgehog will charm you with its fluffy appeal. These adorable cuddly toy hedgehogs are anything but prickly and instead bring plenty of comfort to your home. You don't need to battle through thorns to get close to these soft friends – they’re always ready for a hug and some affection.

Unique Features of Hedgehogs
Real hedgehogs are fascinating creatures with several remarkable characteristics. For one, they are insectivores, meaning they primarily feed on insects and other small invertebrates. They particularly enjoy eating beetles, larvae, spiders, and occasionally a small mouse or snake. An adult hedgehog can grow up to 30 cm long and weigh an impressive 1.5 kg. It carries up to 8,000 spines made of keratin – the same material as our hair and nails. These spines offer excellent protection against predators, as few animals can penetrate the spiky ball hedgehogs curl into when threatened.

Hedgehogs in the Wild
In the wild, hedgehogs are true loners, preferring to live on the edges of forests, in undergrowth, bushes, hedgerows, and tall grass. However, they can also make their home in urban areas such as gardens and parks. There are over 20 different species of hedgehogs worldwide, with the European hedgehog and the white-breasted hedgehog being particularly common in Europe. During the day, these nocturnal creatures sleep in shelters and only emerge at dusk to forage for food. They can cover surprisingly large distances, which they manage remarkably well with their tiny feet. Although their eyesight may not be the best, they have an excellent sense of smell and hearing to help them locate their prey.

Did You Know…
…that hedgehogs are one of the few animal species that actually appreciate having a home in your garden? A well-placed pile of leaves or twigs can be the perfect winter refuge for a hedgehog. However, while real hedgehogs hibernate in the cold months, drastically reducing their body temperature and heart rate to conserve energy, your stuffed animal hedgehog from the Carl Dick Collection stays awake and cuddly all year round. These fluffy companions have no concept of cold temperatures and are always happy to settle in on the sofa or in the children’s room. And here’s a little joke: if a hedgehog starts spinning in circles, it might just be trying to overtake itself – or it could simply have caught a whiff of a particularly delicious beetle.

Lifestyle and Diet of Hedgehogs
Hedgehogs are insectivores, and their diet consists of a variety of small invertebrates. They particularly enjoy beetles, larvae, spiders, and millipedes. Occasionally, their diet also includes snails, worms, and even small vertebrates like snakes and mice. Their spiky defense mechanism makes them untouchable to many predators. In dangerous situations, they roll up into a spiky ball that few predators can penetrate. This survival mechanism has proven effective over millennia, making the hedgehog a true master of self-defense.

Hedgehogs as Nocturnal Solitaires
Hedgehogs are nocturnal animals, spending their days sleeping in well-hidden shelters. They only awaken at dusk to embark on extensive foraging trips through their territory. They can cover surprisingly large distances and, thanks to their excellent sense of smell, are capable of locating food even in dense undergrowth. Their hearing is also highly developed, further assisting them in their search for food. While they tend to be shy during the day, they reveal their true curious and busy nature in the dark.

Plush Hedgehogs as Decorative and Loving Companions
In contrast to their living counterparts, plush hedgehogs don’t hibernate and are ready for cuddles and play all year round. These stuffed animals from the Carl Dick Collection are crafted with great attention to detail and provide a realistic representation of real hedgehogs. They are perfect companions for both children and adults and blend seamlessly into any home environment. Whether as faithful playmates, comforters, or simply as charming decorations – these plush hedgehogs are always a delight.

Hedgehogs of the Carl Dick Collection at
The hedgehogs of the Carl Dick Collection at are more than just toys – they are loyal companions that, with their soft, fluffy texture and sweet appearance, will win over every heart. You won’t have to worry about spines, as these cuddly toy hedgehogs are made to be hugged and loved. Visit and discover the variety of hedgehog plush toys that will not only bring a smile to your face but also a piece of nature into your home. These lovable stuffed animal hedgehogs make the perfect gift for hedgehog enthusiasts of all ages, bringing joy and coziness to every corner of your home.