Soft Toy Hedgehog - Stuffed Animal

Discover the high-quality cuddly toy hedgehogs of the Carl Dick Collection: not prickly at all, but soft and cuddly. Of course, the hedgehog needs his spines in the wild to defend himself against his predators. Then he rolls up in a flash into a spiky ball, which is quite clever. Plush hedgehogs are generally much less vulnerable. During the day, the friendly forest and meadow dwellers sleep and only go on their foraging expeditions at night. When the cold season begins and the temperatures drop, hedgehogs get tired and start their hibernation. They are particularly happy to find piles of leaves and brushwood in the garden where they can hibernate undisturbed. Stuffed animal hedgehogs, on the other hand, are also in top form in winter and are always popular as fluffy playmates or pretty decorations. For some time now, the African White-bellied Hedgehog has become increasingly popular as a pet. He is an exception, because in general hedgehogs are under nature protection and are not allowed as pets. So the lifelike hedgehogs of the Carl Dick Collection are a great alternative for hedgehog lovers and always a nice gift idea.
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