Soft Toy Hedgehog - Stuffed Animal

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Discover the high-quality cuddly toy hedgehogs of the Carl Dick Collection: These hedgehogs are not spiny at all, but soft and cuddly. Of course, the real hedgehog in the wild needs his spines to defend himself against his enemies, because then he rolls up in a flash into a spiky ball, which is quite clever.
Fortunately, stuffed animal hedgehogs don't have to defend themselves, because they are mainly there to cuddle and love. During the day, the cute forest and meadow dwellers sleep and only go on their foraging expeditions at night. When the cold season begins and the temperatures drop, hedgehogs get tired and start their hibernation. They are particularly happy to find piles of leaves and brushwood in the garden where they can hibernate undisturbed.
Plush toy hedgehogs, on the other hand, are also in top form in winter and are always popular as fluffy playmates to cuddle and play with or as pretty decorations. For some time now, the African White-bellied Hedgehog has become increasingly popular as a pet. He is an exception, because in general hedgehogs are under nature protection and are not allowed as pets. So the lifelike hedgehogs of the Carl-Dick-Collection are a great alternative for hedgehog lovers to bring these fascinating animals to their home. And at you are sure to find the right high-quality plush hedgehog from Carl Dick as a great and loving gift idea.

Buy cute cuddly toy hedgehog from the Carl Dick Collection

Hedgehog-Plush-Toy-Stuffed-AnimalIn the assortment of may not be missing, of course, the natural hedgehog plush animals from Carl Dick. With their cute face and fluffy spines, the cuddly soft forest and meadow inhabitants delight children's hearts and are perfect for cuddling, loving and playing with. And they are also popular with adults as a pretty decoration.

The lively paragons live as loners mostly on forest edges and can be found in the undergrowth, bushes, hedges and tall grasses. But of course they can also be found in cities, where they can settle in gardens and parks. There are more than 20 species of hedgehogs known on earth and they live all over the world. Here in Western Europe you can find mainly the so-called brown-breasted hedgehog.

The spiny mammals spend the day sleeping in their hiding place and only at dusk do the nocturnal animals wake up and roam around in their territory. Hedgehogs can cover impressively long distances with their little feet.
And even if they can't see very well with their eyes, they can smell all the better with their cute pointed nose and use it to track down all kinds of creepy-crawlies to eat.
They also hear with their cute ears much better than they can see. And their cute face is of course lovingly and as detailed as possible implemented in the plush hedgehogs to come close to the pretty role models from nature.

Hedgehogs are insectivores and therefore insects are their favorite food. They eat mainly beetles, larvae, spiders, centipedes and worms. But also snakes and small mice can actually be rarely once on their food list.

By the way, adult hedgehogs can grow up to 30 cm long and weigh 1.5 kg! They can grow up to 8,000 spines, which consist mainly of keratin and are thus practically transformed hairs. This spiny coat protects the hedgehogs from their predators, because practically no animal can penetrate the spiky ball into which hedgehogs can curl up in case of danger.

Hedgehogs are also known to hibernate. When temperatures drop, they lower their body temperature and heart rate, and draw on their fat reserves during this time. For this purpose, they look for dry places, often under piles of brushwood and leaves, under which they can dig a hollow and curl up.

Cuddly toy hedgehogs, on the other hand, do not hibernate and the fluffy companions like to make themselves comfortable in the children's room or on the sofa all year round.

Care advice for your stuffed animal hedgehog

If you ever want to wash your stuffed animal hedgehog, we generally recommend hand washing with lukewarm soapy water. More detailed advice can be found on our subpage with care tips for stuffed animals of all kinds.