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The Cuddly Toy Cats of the Carl-Dick Collection

Welcome to the wonderfully fluffy world of cuddly toy cats from the Carl-Dick Collection at Here you will find the most purring and plushiest indoor cats you have ever had the pleasure of welcoming into your collection. Cats, just as they are in the books – perfect for cuddling, playing, or as a decorative delight. But beware: these plush toys are so realistic that you might find yourself tempted to feed them. Our stuffed cats are not only irresistibly cute but also excellent companions for young and old alike. So grab your favourite plush cat and let yourself be charmed by its allure.
Discover the high-quality cuddly toy cats of the Carl-Dick Collection: The most common pet in German households, alongside dogs, can be found at as lovingly designed plush cats by Carl Dick. A great gift idea for young and old and for all friends of gentle indoor cats, for cuddling, playing, and as a pretty decoration. These stuffed cats are so realistic that you might almost believe they could start purring at any moment. Dive into the fluffy world of plush cats and find your new best friend.

Who’s the Boss Here?
There's the well-known saying that dogs have owners and cats have slaves. We won't comment or judge how this actually looks. But if you've ever experienced a cat driving you out of your comfortable chair to settle there itself, you know who's in charge. And our plush cats perfectly capture this majestic and sometimes slightly dictatorial charm. They are the queens and kings of your stuffed animal collection and deserve a place of honour in your home.

Diversity That Delights
For dogs, it's often the case that a dachshund lover wouldn't buy a plush bulldog (and certainly not a cat). With plush toy cats, it's a bit more relaxed. If you want a Persian cat, a Norwegian forest cat might not satisfy you. But if you're looking for a grey house cat, whether tabby or not, the coat pattern can be somewhat different. In the varied range at, you'll find a great selection of stuffed cats in various sizes and positions: lying, sitting, and sometimes even standing. And some can even do all of these.

The Perfect Facial Expression
The important thing with stuffed toy cats is that you like their face. In the past, it was almost impossible to find plush cats with a nice facial expression. Thanks to the wonderful craftsmanship of the Carl Dick Collection, you’ll find only cats with beautiful faces in the shop at These plush cats are true masterpieces of cuddly toy art. Sometimes it seems as if you can read real feline wisdom – or at least the mischief glistening in the best cat eyes – from these eyes.

A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words
Pictures are known to speak more than many words, so browse through the category of indoor cats and we are sure you will find your new favourite plush cat at These little works of art made of fabric and love are not just toys but real friends. You will find that each plush cat has its own personality – just like real cats. And we promise you that you will fall in love with one (or more) of our stuffed cats.

Cuddly Companions for Everyone
According to statistics, the cat is the most widespread pet in Germany, with over 15 million house cats living among us. The affectionate and (mostly) gentle indoor cats are particularly elegant and gracefully beautiful animals. Accordingly, they are often proud personalities with their own minds. Our plush cats perfectly reflect this elegance and grace, without sacrificing their fluffy cuddliness.

An Emotional Connection
Cats often become a real part of the family, with whom we form a strong emotional bond. The usually headstrong velvet paws do enjoy their peace, but of course, they are characterized by their affectionate nature and enjoyment of extensive cuddles. It is not uncommon to hear a grateful purr – and a loving look that says more than a thousand words. These are exactly the moments that make our plush cats so special. They are always ready for a cuddle and give you just the loving look you need.

Popularity of Plush Cats
With so much love and affection for real indoor cats, it is not surprising that plush cats are among the most sought-after animals on These cute kittens are particularly popular with children, regardless of whether they are boys or girls. Plush cats are cuddly soft playmates and adorable companions. They keep company in the nursery, provide warmth and comfort, and are always ready for a hug. Thus, they can be more than just a toy. They are loyal friends who are always there when you need them.

Advantages of Stuffed Cats
Even though a real animal cannot be replaced, it is not always possible to keep a live cat. And that's where cuddly toy cats are a real alternative. Plus, they are always ready to be petted, don’t scratch, and don't need a litter box if we mention a few more advantages. They don't need to be fed and can be left alone without worry. And the best part: they don't shed fur on the sofa.

A Hit with Collectors
Not only children but also adult collectors and animal lovers highly value the beautiful and cuddly cats in stuffed animal form, making them a delightful and loving gift idea. Our plush cats are perfect collector's items. Whether as a memory of a beloved real cat or simply because they are incredibly cute – they are always a hit.

Memories of Beloved Pets
Sometimes plush cats also serve as mementos to keep a beloved pet's memory alive. A plush toy can create a special connection to a real pet and keep a loving memory alive. They are little, fluffy keepsakes that provide comfort and joy.

The Diversity of Plush Cats
Real-life counterparts from the animal kingdom are distinguished by a great variety of coat colours and patterns. Sometimes these elegant animals are solid-coloured, but often they are multicoloured-spotted or tabby. Yet every cat has something unique. And so, there is a wide selection of coat variations among the cuddly toy cats offered, just like in nature. From the classic house cat in many colour variations, to the beautiful Persian cats, to the large Norwegian cats. Especially popular is the range of natural-looking stuffed Persian cats offered at

Different Coat Lengths
And there are, of course, longer and shorter coat variants, just like their real-life counterparts from the animal kingdom. Many of the plush cats on offer are designed to be as lifelike and detailed as possible, aiming to closely resemble real cats. Others are more playful and childlike, inviting you to play, cuddle, and love them. Whether you prefer a short-haired or long-haired cat, you will find the perfect stuffed animal to suit your needs.

Different Positions
The cute kittens are available in various positions: sitting, lying down, or sometimes even standing. This is always clearly visible in the product photos. The orientation of the head can also vary. Some cats look straight ahead, while others have their heads endearingly tilted to the side. These small details make each plush cat unique and give it a special character.

Size Differences
Regarding size, there are several options, just like with the real-life counterparts. From the rather small house cat to the large Norwegian cat. You will find the exact sizes listed for each plush cat. Smaller plush toy cats are suitable for playing just as much as the larger ones, but they might be more practical for on the go. Some come very close in size to their living counterparts and can also be a surprisingly realistic decoration.

Highlights of the Collection
The highlights among the small and large cuddly toy cats of the Carl-Dick Collection are varied and enchanting. For example, the lying black cat with its sweet facial expression and lovely look. In its lying pose, it looks extremely cute and impresses with its beautiful black fur. In terms of size, it’s in a different league: the Norwegian cat from the Carl Dick range. It impresses with its beautiful, particularly fluffy fur. Like its real-life counterparts, it is of proud size for a house cat.

More Top Items
Another very popular item is the lying Maine Coon, which stands out with its especially beautiful white-grey fur in a lifelike design. The range of Persian cats in realistic designs are other top items, available in various coat colours. In solid colours, they are particularly impressive in white, black, brown, grey, and beige. The Calico, which brings a bit more colour into play, is also popular among the realistic cat designs.

Seasonal Favourites
For those who want something more festive and are looking for something suitable for the fireplace, the cute black-and-white kitten in a Christmas stocking is a perfect choice. These seasonal stuffed animals are perfect decorations and bring a smile to everyone’s face. They are ideal gifts and spread festive cheer in every home.

General Knowledge about Living Cats
Cats are among the most fascinating pets worldwide. They are known for their elegance, graceful movements, and independent personalities. Domestic cats, also known as Felis catus, originally descended from the African wildcat and were domesticated about 9,000 years ago. Cats have an excellent sense of hearing and can perceive high frequencies that are inaudible to humans. Their eyes are optimized for hunting in twilight and night, allowing them to see excellently even in low light.
Cats are true masters at cleaning their fur. They spend a large part of their day grooming themselves to keep their fur clean and free of parasites. This behaviour is not only a matter of hygiene but also has social and calming functions. Cats are also known for their ability to jump high and run fast. Their flexible spine and strong muscles enable them to accelerate from zero to 50 km/h in seconds.
Cats have a special relationship with humans. Although often considered independent and self-sufficient, many cats show a deep bond with their owners. They communicate in
 many ways, through meowing, purring, body posture, and even their eyes. Cats can recognize human emotions and often respond sensitively to their owner’s mood.
Cats are also very territorial animals. They mark their territory with scent glands on their bodies and by scratching surfaces. This behaviour signals to other cats and animals that this area is inhabited and claimed. Within their territories, cats have various favourite spots they regularly visit and where they feel safe and secure.
Living with a cat can be incredibly enriching. Cats not only offer companionship and comfort but also bring much joy and laughter into their owners' lives. Their playful behaviour, curiosity, and affectionate nature make them wonderful pets. If you own or wish to own a cat, you will quickly realize that every cat is unique and has its own personality.

Your Choice in the Online Shop at
Whether you are already a proud cat owner or simply enjoy the fluffy company of these wonderful animals, the cuddly toy cats of the Carl-Dick Collection at offer you the perfect opportunity to experience a piece of this magic. These plush cats are not just toys but loyal companions that bring joy, comfort, and love into your life. So don't hesitate and find your new favourite plush cat – we promise it will be love at first sight.