Plush Cats, Stuffed Cats and Cuddly Toy Cats

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Discover the high-quality cuddly toy cats of the Carl Dick Collection: The most common pet in German households together with the dog you will find here as a lovingly designed Carl Dick fabric cat. A suitable gift idea for young and old to cuddle and play with and as a pretty decoration.
There is the well-known saying that dogs have masters and cats keep slaves. How this actually looks, we can not and do not want to comment or evaluate. With the dogs it behaves in such a way that the lover of dachshunds would not buy itself a bulldog from plush (and naturally also no cat).
With plush toy cats, on the other hand, it's a bit more relaxed. If you want a beige Siamese cat, it will be hard to please you with a longhaired cat from the Himalayas. But with a gray cat, whether mackerel or not, the patterning of the fur does not necessarily have to be exactly like the real thing.
In the assortment of you will find great plush cats in different positions: Whether lying, sitting and sometimes standing specimens- and some can even do everything.
The important thing with stuffed animal cats is that the face fits. In the past, it was almost impossible to find stuffed cats with a friendly facial expression. Thanks to the wonderful workmanship of the Carl Dick Collection, you will find only cats with beautiful faces in the online store. As we all know, pictures speak louder than words, so browse through the category of house tigers and we are sure you will find your favorite plush cat or tomcat on

Buy cats as cuddly toys - these cuddly tigers are very popular as pets and stuffed animals

cat plush toy stuffed animalAccording to statistics, the cat is the most widespread pet in Germany and in fact there are over 15 million domestic cats living among us. The cuddly and (mostly) gentle house tigers are particularly elegant and gracefully beautiful animals. Accordingly, they are usually also proud personalities that have a mind of their own.

Often cats are a real part of the family, to which we build a great emotional bond. The mostly stubborn velvet paws also like to have their peace sometimes, but of course they are characterized above all by their cuddly nature and the enjoyment of extensive cuddles. It is not uncommon to hear a grateful purr and an affectionate look that says more than a thousand words.

And with so much love and affection for the real house tigers, it is also not surprising that stuffed cats are among the most sought-after animals on

The cute kitty cats are especially popular with children, whether girls or boys. Because plush cats are cuddly soft playmates and cute companions. They keep company in the children's room, provide warmth and comfort and can be cuddled at any time. Thus, they can be more than just a toy.

Even though nothing can replace a real animal, it is not always possible to keep a live cat. And that's where cuddly toy cats are a real alternative. Even more, they can always be stroked, do not scratch and do not need a litter box, if you want to mention some advantages.

But not only among children, but also among adult collectors and animal lovers, the pretty and cuddly cats in the stuffed animal variant are very much in demand and an equally successful and loving gift idea.

And sometimes plush cats simply serve as a souvenir to keep a beloved animal a little better in memory.

Soft toy cats - what are the differences and guide to buying

The real models from the animal kingdom is characterized by a wide variety of coat colors and coat drawings. Sometimes the elegant animals are monochrome, but often multicolored spotted or mackerel.

But each cat has something unique. And so, as in nature, there is also a wide range of fur variations in the offered cuddly toy cats. From the classic house cat in many color variations, to the pretty Persian cats to the large Norwegian cat. Especially the variety of natural designed fabric Persian cats in the offer at is very popular.

And also with the fur length there are of course longer and shorter variants, as with the real models from the animal kingdom. Many of the plush cats on offer are kept as lifelike and detailed as possible and want to resemble the real cat close to nature. Others are designed more playful and invite mainly to cuddle and love.

Discover cute fabric cats in different sizes and positions

The cute kitty cats you will find in different positions, so sitting, lying or even once standing. This is always easy to see in the product photos. Also the orientation of the head can vary. So some cats look rather straight ahead and others have the head, however, golden tilted to the side.

As for the size, there are several choices, just like the real models. From the rather small house cat to the large Norwegian cat. Of course, you will find the exact size information for each plush cat with specified.

The smaller plush toy cats are just as suitable for playing as the large ones, but are perhaps a little more practical for traveling. Some come in their dimensions very close to the living models and can also be an amazingly real-looking decoration.

The highlights among the cuddly cats of the Carl Dick Collection

  • The lying black cat is especially popular with its sweet facial expression and heart-loving look. In her lying pose she looks extremely cute and inspires with her beautiful black fur.
  • In terms of size, she is quite a different house number: the Norwegian cat from the assortment of Carl Dick. She impresses with her beautiful fur, which is especially fluffy. Like her real-life models, she is of a proud size for a domestic cat. 
  • Also in great demand is the reclining Maine Coon, which stands out with a particularly beautiful white-gray fur in lifelike design.
  • The product line of Persian cats in realistic design are other top items, which are available in different fur colors. Monochrome they inspire especially in white, black, gray and beige.
  • Popular among the realistic cat designs is also the Calico, which brings a little more color into play.
  • And all those who want it more Christmassy and who are still looking for something suitable for by the fireplace, is helped with the cute black and white kitten in the Christmas stocking.

Cat washing - care tips for your stuffed animal cats

Since cats are known as particularly clean animals, they naturally want to be well-groomed even as stuffed animals. Especially when playing, they can also get dirty once. Usually there is a note sewn to the animal for this purpose. In general, we recommend hand washing to be on the safe side. More detailed tips can be found on our page for care tips for cuddly toys.