Soft Toy Otter - Stuffed Aminal Fish-Otter

Discover the high-quality cuddly toy otters of the Carl Dick Collection: At first, as a retailer, you think less of otters, but when we started the online store in 2007, it was exactly these stuffed animals that fascinated our first customers. And if you have ever touched such a fish otter of the Carl Dick Collection, then you know why these rodents are so popular. Otters belong to the family of martens and you can see it in the store that there are certain similarities. Absolutely sweet is just that the plush otters usually turn their heads sideways and thus look at us as sweetly as it is possible as a plush animal otter just. The otters from arrive dry with you, so that the stroking can begin immediately. In the zoo you can often see the little "water rats" flitting back and forth between water and land. Do the test and give a stuffed animal lover an otter from us, you will find that fits.

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Otters as stuffed animals - the living role models are perfectly adapted to life in the water

otter plush toy stuffed animalOtters have existed on earth for about five million years. Strictly speaking, we should be talking about the Eurasian otter, as there are several other otter species in the world. This one lives in Europe, North Africa and Asia. We humans rarely get to see these shy animals, as they are active at night and in twilight.

The lively guys have a high urge to move and are perfectly adapted to life in the water. You can see it in the streamlined, slender body of these amphibious predators. They are correspondingly good divers and can stay underwater for up to eight minutes at a time before they have to catch their breath. And to keep warm in the water, otters have a particularly thick coat that protects them from wetness and cold.

Being in the water so much consumes a lot of energy. That's why otters have to eat a lot to maintain their body temperature. And fish is the main ingredient on their menu, although not exclusively. They eat so much of it that they often compete with humans for fish stocks - unfortunately, this is one of the reasons why they were often hunted and almost exterminated in the past. In addition, otters have a beautiful and dense fur - another reason for hunting by humans.

And since their natural habitat is often destroyed by humans, otters do not have it easy and are unfortunately on the red list of animals threatened with extinction. Which was also drawn attention to in 2021, when the otter was chosen as the animal of the year in Germany.
For their territories, which are often many kilometers long, the animals need clean, shallow waters with an intact riparian landscape where they can find shelter. Unfortunately, this is often lacking in today's landscape, which has been built up and changed by man. In addition, bridges often cut through the waters, which otters often want to bypass and take risky paths.

Cuddly toy otter - the lively otters are popular as a cute gift idea with young and old

That soft toy otters are so well received is also not surprising, because the living role models in themselves simply have something cute and likeable.
Their head with its small ears and the distinctive mustache with its tactile hairs contribute to the cuddly appearance of the animals belonging to the martens. Just as adorable are the short legs with the flippers between the toes. The Carl Dick Collection lovingly translates this cute look into the cuddly toy version. As a cuddly toy otter in a lying position, he comes along especially cute. Because the real otters are also playful and also like to let themselves float relaxed on their backs in the water. The cute cuddly toy is equally popular for playing as well as a pretty decoration.

All the cuddly toys on offer are from the Carl Dick Collection. The traditional brand has been successful on the market for over 30 years and is a specialist in cuddly toys with its headquarters in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany.

Care tips for the stuffed animal Otter

We recommend for all stuffed animals in our offer to wash them by hand with lukewarm water, should one of the cute otters get dirty and can take a bath. You can find detailed advice on this in our care tips for cuddly toys.