Snakes made of plush - Stuffed Animal Snake

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Browse through the high-quality plush toy snakes of the Carl Dick Collection: many people are afraid of the fascinating reptiles, yet most snakes are completely harmless to us. And the loving cuddly toy snakes are anyway. There are more than 3000 snake species worldwide and they live on all continents of the earth. Except where it is particularly cold, because like all reptiles snakes are change warm and can not regulate their body temperature independently of the outside temperature. They come in many sizes and colors and usually meander through their environment well camouflaged. Because snakes grow throughout their lives and their scales do not grow with them, they must shed their skin regularly. Fortunately, this is not the case with stuffed animal snakes. They are fluffy playmates and great decorations for lovers of the elegant scaled creepy-crawlies.