Sea World: Soft Toys And Animals

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Your expedition into our water world begins with the oceans, which cover more than 70 percent of our earth's surface. Dive in and find happy little fish and imposing whales, encounter peaceful sharks, spot rays on the seabed and meet lobsters! The intelligent dolphins swim in large schools at Not without reason: The super soft marine mammals are incredibly adorable.

Surface in Antarctica? Then you can now watch the funny penguins waddling across the seemingly endless ice. Or do you sniff the salty North Sea air and hear the mighty ocean surf? Then you will likely see seals frolicking on the sandbanks.

Inland you will find idyllic streams and peaceful lakes where ducks and swans leisurely do their laps. A couple of frogs croak and if you look closely, you will find the cute otters, who now and then stick their snouts out of the water. We find turtles, the funny dinosaurs of the animal world, in the water and on land. Even in the garden at home, where they love to play with us as our pets.

Friends of the exotic will find what they are looking for with the jelly fish. Yes, you can cuddle with them safely too!