Stuffed Animal Raccoon

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Discover the high-quality cuddly toy raccoons of the Carl Dick Collection: one of the most famous features of the pretty raccoon is probably his ringed tail. Not like a piggy in shape, no, in pattern. But you probably already knew that.
By the way, raccoons do not get their name from the fact that they would wash themselves all the time. Nor that raccoons "wash clothes." Probably the name comes from the fact that the animals thoroughly clean your food before eating it.
As plush toy raccoons, the cute animals are very popular. Thus, at you get raccoons in different sizes and positions. Whether sitting on the rear or standing on all fours, the selection of cuddly toy raccoons is in any case available. Also in terms of colors, depending on what you prefer, there are brown, dark gray and also light gray raccoons. Of course, all stuffed animal raccoons also have a striped tail, the trademark of course also with the stuffed animal raccoons, which you can discover here as a great gift idea for cuddling and playing or as a pretty decoration.

Buy cuddly toy raccoons - do the small bears, which are also widespread in Germany, actually wash?

raccoon-plush-toy-stuffed-animalRaccoon cuddly toy stuffed raccoon raccoons have some features by which they are immediately recognizable: here probably comes to mind first of all the bushy, curled tail, which can become almost as long as their body. The rest of its fur is predominantly gray-brown. In the otherwise white face, especially the black fur stripe at the level of the eyes stands out. Through him it seems as if raccoons wear a black mask like bandits.

And in a certain way this "bandit look" also fits, because even if they actually prefer to live in forests and near bodies of water, the intelligent and adaptable predators also like to stay near humans. Because with him the nocturnal omnivores can go on a foray and are known not to stop even in front of garbage cans and compost heaps. They are also known as fruit and poultry thieves. During the day, the little rascals usually sleep in tree hollows and other hiding places - but the talented climbers and swimmers also like to make themselves comfortable in human dwellings.

Originally, the genus of raccoons, which belongs to the small bears, comes from North America. But they have spread widely in Germany and Europe. And they have also become native to parts of Asia. Because of their fur, they were often bred, but have also escaped from there and also deliberately released into the wild and thus their number now also in Germany probably goes into the hundreds of thousands. In addition, the animals find no natural enemies and no food competitors in Germany and multiply rapidly. Thus nothing stood in the way of an explosion of the population and also by the release to the hunt nothing changed here.

Raccoons have a keen sense of smell and touch. They also use their forelimbs with long claws to search for food. They also search for food in the water, for example for crabs or fish. They have the peculiarity to check the food very carefully with their paws and to feel it - which gives the impression that they would wash it, which they actually do not do. Even though this behavior is more often observed in raccoons in captivity, this does not seem to be a deliberate "washing", but rather an imitation of foraging in the water. Even though this may well have led to their sonorous name.

The fluffy plush toy raccoons from the Carl Dick Collection

At you will find a loving selection of stuffed raccoons. All cuddly toys on offer are from the Carl Dick Collection. The traditional brand has been successful on the market for over 30 years and is a specialist in cuddly toys with its headquarters in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. Details about the material used, mostly high-quality acrylic wool, can always be found on the respective product page.

Care advice for the stuffed animal raccoon

Even though the supposed washing of the animals called raccoons has probably turned out to be rather a pretty myth, it may well be necessary once in a while to wash the plush raccoon as well and keep it clean. Here we advise hand washing with lukewarm soapy water. Further tips can be found on our subpage with care advice for plush animals of all kinds.