Stuffed Animal Raccoon

The cute plush toy raccoons from Carl-Dick: The raccoon has a very typical feature: The tail is curled. Not like a piggy in shape, no, in pattern. But you probably already knew that. By the way, raccoons do not owe their name to the fact that they would constantly wash themselves. Nor that raccoons "wash clothes." Probably the name comes from the fact that the animals thoroughly clean your food before eating it. As cuddly toy raccoons, the cute animals are very popular. So you get raccoons in different sizes and positions at Whether sitting on the rear or standing on all fours, the selection of cuddly toy raccoons is in any case available. Also with the colors there are, depending on what you prefer, brown, dark gray and also light gray raccoons. Of course, all stuffed animals also have the curled tail, the trademark - even in the small stuffed animals.
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