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Plush Toy Marten for the Couch: Fluffy Marten Cuddly Toys are Winning the Hearts of Young and Old

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Discover the Fabulous Martens from the Carl Dick Collection

Welcome to the enchanting world of martens from the Carl Dick Collection at Here, you won’t just find plush toys – oh no, we offer you luxuriously soft cuddly toys that will make hearts of all ages skip a beat. Have you ever dreamed of cuddling a marten without risking your car’s safety? Our stuffed animals make it possible. From cheeky stone martens to adorable American martens – we satisfy every plush toy craving. So grab your new fluffy friend and let it become part of your cuddly toy family. Rest assured, these martens won’t chew through any cables.

General Knowledge about Stone Martens
The stone marten, scientifically known as *Martes foina*, is a clever little predator found across much of Europe and Asia. With a body length of up to 54 centimetres and a bushy tail, the stone marten is quite a delicate creature. Characteristic of it is its brown fur with a distinctive white throat patch. Stone martens are adaptable and live in both forests and urban areas, where they often find refuge in attics and barns.

Typical Behaviour of Martens in the Wild
In the wild, martens are true survivalists. Stone martens are nocturnal and spend most of the day sleeping in their hiding spots. At night, they hunt and are extremely skilled climbers. Their diet is varied, ranging from small mammals to birds and their eggs, as well as fruits and insects. The stone marten is also known for its tendency to nest in cars, damaging cables and insulation. Yet, despite these minor inconveniences, they are fascinating creatures with remarkable adaptability.

Fun Facts about Martens
Did you know that martens can sit upright like a human? No? Now you do. Another quirky fact: martens have scent glands that they use to mark their territory. But don’t worry, our plush toys only smell of fresh cotton. And have you heard that martens love to hide in garages and attics? Their fluffy plush counterparts, however, prefer snuggling on sofas and beds.

Did You Know?
...that stone martens are also known as house martens because they often live near human dwellings?
...that they can jump up to two metres, which helps them catch prey and escape predators?
...that the scientific name of the stone marten is *Martes foina*?
...that stone martens often store their food in larders to prepare for lean times?
...that the mating season for stone martens is in summer, but the young are born the following spring?

The World of Martens in the Carl Dick Collection
Now you’re all set to add a plush marten to your cart with a smile on your face. Discover the variety of the marten collection at and bring a piece of the wild into the nursery – without any chewed cables.