The teddybear is the classic among cuddly toys

Children love plush bears for being their playmate and cuddly protector anytime.

Our toy bear gang is colourful and consists of members from the most different of nations. Nobody could resist the brown bears lovely glance, as it is the embodiment of what we call cute. Our fluffy ice bears are available in size „large” - and in an adorably baby-size with an extra-soft fur. The koala bears appear quite clever - in spite of them not actually being „real” - bears. In truth, they are Australian marsupials and are able to find the best eucalyptus leaves with their funny noses. It is the coati bear who is the most curious among our bear gang, and sometimes it even tends to be our little know-it-all. Now, is the panda bear or red panda threatened with extinction? In China not anymore, but neither with us. You can give one of ours to your loved ones unhesitatingly. But be careful! Pandas swim and climb extremely well, and love to hide on wardrobes and curtain rails in the children’s room! Our raccoons are pretty proud of their striped tails. Having their cleverness in mind, one needs to watch that they won’t become too bossy among the bear gang. In case of emergency intense cuddling is the measure to take. The sleeping bear however is different. It prefers to stay in bed all day wearing its pastel pyjama. Did you know the teddy bear was named after the former president of the United States Theodore “Teddy” - Roosevelt? He was passionate about hunting and he loved bears - as his prey, of course. But when he once was allowed to shoot a small bear, he rejected. One of the Washington Post’s cartoonists caught that scene and put in on paper: It marked the beginning of teddy’s bear - and finally the birth of the teddybear.

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