Stuffed Animal Reindeer - Soft Toy

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Discover the high-quality plush toy reindeer of the Carl Dick Collection: The deer species living in the far north to the polar regions you will discover on as lovingly and close to nature designed cuddly toy reindeer.
With this antler carrier, many probably think primarily of Christmas and Santa's sleigh, which is pulled by the reindeer. However, there are many more interesting facts about the reindeer, which is the only species of deer that is bred by humans.
For example, among deer, the reindeer is the only species in which the females, and not just the males, also have antlers. They are herd animals and their herds can reach gigantic sizes of thousands of animals in the northern tundra and taiga regions of the earth where they live!
Of course, with stuffed animal reindeer, it doesn't have to be a whole herd. They are fluffy playmates to cuddle and play with and a pretty decoration. Ideal as a great gift idea, not only at Christmas time.