Stuffed Animal Meerkat - Soft Toy

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Find high-quality plush toy meerkats from the Carl Dick Collection: With these so likeable contemporaries, you probably do not think at first that the suricates living in southern Africa are actually counted among the predators. But meerkats are very social animals whose families live together in earthen colonies and look out for each other. Above all, there is a fair division of labor: while some bathe in the sun or dig for food, others are always on the lookout for danger until one takes turns again. And it's for this somehow funny-looking pose that they're probably famous: when they stand on their toes, close together, keeping a lookout and always keeping an eye on everything - which, by the way, cuddly toy meerkats can do just as well. But the real role models in the wild have to be especially wary of birds of prey, which is why they warn each other of impending danger with a barking sound, whereupon they can all quickly flee into the burrow. Fortunately, stuffed animal suricates do not live so dangerously and are always a cute sight and a great gift idea.