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Discover the high-quality Red Panda cuddly toys of the Carl Dick Collection: The pretty Little Pandas from Asia are also called cat bear or fire fox.
In their physique, the Little Pandas are more similar to raccoons. And from their name, one could naturally assume that they are related to the giant pandas. In fact, their classification is not quite so simple, and recent research suggests that they form a separate family related to martens.
Just like the giant pandas, cat bears feed primarily on bamboo. In the wild, these friendly animals can only be found living in Asia - and as red panda plush toys, they are a very popular classic among the cuddly toys at
The cuddly-soft animals inspire as stuffed animal red panda to cuddle, love and play with their particularly cute facial expression, so that you immediately take them to heart. And also as a pretty decoration they are always a great gift idea.

Buy Red Panda Soft Toy - Discover the Little Pandas from the Himalayas as lovingly designed stuffed animals

red panda plush toy stuffed animalRed Panda Cuddly Toy Soft ToyThere are so many names for the beautiful and fascinating Lesser Pandas, for which one can also speak of cat bears. The latter, because they are probably just as thorough and extensive body care, as it is otherwise known only from the cats. Translated from Chinese they are also called "fire fox" - of course because of their striking red fur, which is particularly beautiful to look at. Whatever you want to call them, in any case, the cute and sympathetic animals are very much admired and loved as living role models in nature and also among stuffed animals. Even though, unfortunately, in the wild he is counted among the endangered species.

The pretty and shy red panda still lives high up in the forests and bamboo of the southeastern Himalayas in Nepal and China at heights of up to 4,000 meters, where the cat bear, which is one of the predators, feeds mainly on bamboo shoots, grasses and berries and rather rarely on small birds and rodents. He himself has to be careful of snow leopards and martens.

And did you know that red pandas communicate with sounds that are more like whistling and chirping?

Because they don't like it too warm, cat bears like to stay in shady spots in treetops or in small caves during the day. And as a plush animal version they can be found as a toy especially in the children's room and also as a pretty decoration with adult animal friends they always cut a good figure no matter where.

The small and large plush animal cat bears of the Carl Dick Collection

With their appearance, Little Pandas simply stand out: There is the beautiful reddish-brown fur with the contrasting white parts of the face with the pointed ears enthroned above. And of course their curled tail, which can become as long as their own body and with which they keep their balance.

So it is not surprising that the cat bears are very popular in the assortment of You will find a smaller standing version that can also sit and a larger sitting version of the friendly cat bear.

Care advice for the red panda cuddly toy

Just as real cat bears are considered clean animals, you naturally want to keep the stuffed animal version of the Red Panda clean, should it ever get dirty while being played with. As with all stuffed animals, we recommend hand washing with lukewarm soapy water for this purpose and are happy to refer to our subpage with care tips for cuddly toys of all kinds.